Diddy Football Coach Drama

Diddy has been in one scuffle after the next lately, just when he is finally on good terms with Drake after assaulting him outside of an LA nightclub, he goes and gets into more trouble for apparently assaulting a football coach at UCLA after he witnessed the coach “riding” his son Justin during football practice. Unlike the Drake incident, this attack ended with Diddy in the back seat of a campus police car where he was later taking to county jail. From the looks of it Diddy is very involved in his son Justin’s training for football season and the staff at UCLA call him “Helicopter dad,” because he tends to hover over the practices often.

From what is being said of the incident, The Aspire New Brunswick says Diddy watched from the sidelines as his son Justin was training and did not take kindly for the way that coach Sal Alosi was talking to his son on the field. After practice Diddy went to the coach’s office to confront him but when Alosi brushed him off Diddy refused to leave, once Sal said he was going to call security things got heated and Diddy reached for a kettlebell and swung at the coach with it.

Diddy was swiftly hauled off by campus police,and at the moment legal actions are being taken. Sources say that Diddy is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, a felony is not something Diddy needs hanging over his head right now, but once again his temper got the best of him.