Handy Screens and Hires Top Pros

Handy has risen to become the “Uber of home cleaning” among the other services it helps provide. With $1 million in bookings per week, Handy absolutely is proving to be a very successful company. As an Inc. Magazine article points out, the road to success was not always an easy one for this energetic startup. In the very early days, Handy struggled with its application process for freelancers. Concerns existed as to whether or not the application would chase away highly-qualified professionals. Discussions between co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua went back and forth for a bit.

In time, a new onboarding process was developed to assist in hiring the very best and most capable professionals. An infusion of tens upon tens of millions in venture capital aided the company’s ability to stay afloat.

Today, Handy.com is a company valued at around $500 million. Offices exist in numerous cities across the United States. Media publicity has further aided in raising awareness about this bright and interesting startup.

The concept of Handy is a fairly simple one. Through an app, property owners or renters can hire freelance maintenance and cleaning professionals. Handy’s vigorous screening process ensures only the best professionals work for the team. The enhanced onboarding process surely assisted with the goal.