Some Good Tips On How To Increase Air Conditioning Efficiency

Goettl Air Conditioning located in Arizona recently passed on some good tips on how to make your air conditioning unit more effective. In Arizona’s hot climate. According to Goettl, many folks will let debris and vegetation accumulate around their outdoor unit. Keeping growth of plants and debris clear of your unit helps to increase the efficiency a lot on warm days.

Using your ceiling fan will help to keep the air circulating which spreads the cool air throughout your house. In a report by NorCal News, most people can set their thermostat four degrees higher and you won’t feel any warmer.

The use of a programmable thermostat while you are away at work, or even shopping will help a lot in keeping the energy costs down. There are some thermostats that can sense automatically when no one is home, thus removing the need to remember to reset it when you leave.

If your outdoor unit is in the shade it will be more effective and efficient in its operation. All you have to do is place a cover or shade device over your unit that is outdoors. Planting a few trees or bushes close to the unit to shade it works well too, as long as you keep any branches at least two feet away from the unit.

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