Felipe Montoro Jens Speaks On How All Can Benefit From the Partnership between Government of Brazil and BNDES

To tackle the problem of maintaining proper hygiene, the government of Brazil had decided to announce some concessions which can be realized with its partnership with BNDES i.e. the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Till now 90% of the Brazil’s fundamental sanitation is controlled by a public power with 70% of clients serviced by the state associations. However, now, a private agency, Trata Brasil has entered the scene. Recently, the infrastructure expert, Felipe Montoro Jens expressed his views on it in an interview.



Felipe Montoro Jens is quite an enterprising and impressive fellow. The holder of an undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and the graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Felipe packs quite a bit of experience under his belt. He had been the chairman of Concessionaria do Centro Adminstrativo do Distrito Federal S.A and later Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliarios. From there, he moved to being the Director of Foz do Brasil, and then held the same position at San Antonio Energia SA, and later Director at Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo. He had joined ‘His company properties’ in 2007 as Head of Project Finance and from there has risen in the company and is working as a director there presently.



Felipe Montoro Jens recently pointed out that high waste level is one of the main obstacles in providing the right degree of service. As agreed by Edison Carlos, leader of Trata Brasil, the higher level of amenities available with the private sector will make them an imperative partner in lowering the percentage of water getting squandered. In exchange, the private institution can benefit from the extraordinary and critical experience of the public entities. Their modern innovations would prove an asset. He noted that via the project, the BNDES would come up with a customized action plan for each state based on their unique circumstances which would help them adjust to each place. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923