Technological Innovator, Eric Pulier

Born in New Jersey, Eric Pulier seems to have an inherent ability to quickly grasp concerns and create technology that solves problems for our world. He began computer programming in the fourth grade. And upon completion of his high school graduation, he had already formed his first database computer organization. Today, the multi-talented, Pulier is well known as an entrepreneur, author, orator, and philanthropist.


Graduating from Harvard in 1988, magna cum laude Mr. Pulier consistently receives high praise for his skills in cloud computing, startups and enterprise software. Since 1991, Eric has made his home in Los Angeles, California, where he serves on several boards and is the founder/co-founder of several organizations. Eric is the owner of over 15 technology patents and largely focuses on using technology to help people overcome challenges. Recognized for his contributions to the world, renowned Forbes Magazine published an article in 2012 about Mr. Pulier’s accomplishments. In 2005, Eric co-authored a book with Hugh Taylor on the topic of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).


As a donor to the Painted Turtle, and Starbright World, Mr. Pulier demonstrates a passion for children suffering with chronic illness.

Eric Pulier has too many amazing accomplishments to list here; however, of particular note are Akana, Inc.; and ServiceMesh, Inc. Akana, Inc. had a focus on:

  • API Management;
  • API Security;
  • Integrated SOA Governance; and
  • Cloud Integration.

Application program interface (API) is formally defined as: “a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.” In short layman’s terms, APIs make it easier to build programs. Just last year (2016), Eric sold his organization to Rogue Wave Software. Currently, along with co-founder Mark Martinez, Eric serves as chairman and chief executive officer of ServiceMesh, Inc.; another organization that caters to Global 2000 users, and offers self-serve information technology operating models designed to be used enterprise wide. Click Here for more Info.


At the young age of 49 and as the gifted father of four children, Eric Pulier’s future is wide open for further advancements. Expect all of humanity to benefit from his innovative, technological solutions.