How Ian King Has Contributed To the Cryptocurrency Trade Market

Whenever Ian King Banyan is mentioned, most people see an experienced crypto trader and entrepreneur. He has been analyzing trading and stock markets for over 20 years now. His passion towards cryptocurrency industry is irresistible and trading on the cryptocurrencies is his main game. Ian has come up with a program that guides the traders on cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, bitcoin, and ripple among others. His passion to help readers with trading challenges in the crypto market compelled him to join Banyan Hill Publishing. He makes daily developments on cryptos at Banyan to assist readers to know the trading strategies they ought to use. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

Ian graduated with a degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and he truly believes cryptocurrency. This compelling passion on cryptocurrency influenced him to leave a noble job with a hedge fund to educate others on cryptocurrency trade. He set up a website, which he used to educate the interested individuals on Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin and Rippel among other cryptocoins. He developed a passion for cryptocurrency trade while still a college student. His psychology background helped him to analyze why traders did what they did and come up with certain psychological solutions to help them thrive in the market trade. As a psychologist, he understood that traders remain the same even when the bonds and stocks get different.

Ian King believes that cryptocurrencies are another long-term asset class people should have. He says the peak values of these cryptocurrencies are dependable and that’s why even the institutional investors have joined the trade. However, Ian notes that the top peak for cryptocurrency trade is yet to come and that’s why people should get into the market now. Ian notes that most people have joined the cryptocurrency trade market and that cryptocorn–a form of crypto unicorn–was on the way. According to Ian, 40 blockchain projects or more have come up with a total valuation of about $1 billion.


Upon completing his internship at Merrill Lynch in 1990, Ian King served at Saloman Brothers as a clerk. This was a company that traded mortgage bonds at a time when the bull market was shaping in. He later moved to Citigroup that dealt with credit derivatives. Ian then became the Head Trader at Peahi Capital, New York for about ten years. Afterward, he relinquished his position as the Head Trader and started his own company to enlighten people on how to trade cryptocurrencies. Ian has adequate valuable knowledge that helps other people to make correct trade predictions. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.