JWoww Reunites The Jersey Girls

Jenni Farley was one of the original cast members of the ‘Jersey Shore.’ She is better known as JWoww, and she is a favorite among viewers of the famed reality series. Nonetheless, it has already been half a decade since the premiere of the show. JWoww and her friends tore the ‘Jersey Shore up,’ and many legendary moments took place on the show. ‘Jersey Shore’ is MTV’s highest rated television show of all time, and it’s not without reason. There has never been such a glamorous and crazy cast of any reality show.

JWoww immediately became a favorite of the viewers, and LinkedIn had an article that said it’s because of her mature attitude and incredible body. JWoww is best friends with Snooki, and together they broke the hearts of countless men. However, it seems that JWoww is ready to settle down and get married. Fans of the show know that JWoww met her current fiance Roger on the set of the ‘Jersey Shore.’ No one ever thought that the couple would last this long, but it seems that they have found true love.

E! recently published an article about this story, and JWoww has reunited the girls of the show. Apparently, Sammy, Deena, and Snooki will be bridesmaids for JWoww. As of right now, there is a possibility that MTV will document JWoww’s wedding, and that would actually be a fitting end to the ‘Jersey Shore.’