Talkspace: The Next Generation Of Therapy

As technology slowly but surely advances every industry is jumping on technology to gain a competitive advantage. With the wave of digitalization, every sector has jumped on the wave – not excluding the psychology and therapy industry. Talkspace brings therapy to anyone that has a cell phone. Fill out a profile, complete some questions such as if you have ever been to a therapist before and what you expect from using Talkspace, and a certified therapist will be assigned to you. COmpared to traditional in-person therapy sessions you can be anywhere in the world to receive a therapy session from a certified therapist. The price is not bad too, only $25 a week for a membership to Talkspace.

The way you communicate with your certified therapist is via text message or the online website. The therapists usually reply within one day or less depending on availability – sometimes even immediately. People have been pleased with Talkspace with various positive testimonials pointing to how easy it is to get started and how easy it is to communicate. An easy to use the app is available to quickly chat manage your membership status and even talk with your therapist via chat.

With the new wave of technology and digitalization, daily service from getting your car fixed to sell items laying around your house that you do not need anymore are becoming easy to complete, often with the click of a button. New technology also applies to therapy too. With the pure $25 every week membership subscription anyone can have a certified therapist at the tip of their fingers. Therapists are there for you to understand your emotions and to give you advice or even just directly talk to you when you are not feeling well emotionally. With Talkspace, no one is without a great therapist chosen only for them.