EOS Lip Balm Recap

The creators of the fun EOS lip balm products set out to create a unique lip gloss almost ten years ago. The company launched their products and it didn’t take them long to be the most popular brand of lip balm around the world. They were flying off the shelves of the stores every week. People instantly grew fond of the cute and colorful orb shaped containers. They looked like no other lip balms, which drew attention to customers. People couldn’t get over the unique containers.

Another advantage, is the several different delicious flavors to choose from. They have flavors that no other lip balm carrier has, such as Acai, Hibiscus Peach, and Honeysuckle. The products are almost all natural and organic. Since launching in 2007, EOS lip balm products have topped the charts year after year. In 2016, they sold over a million units. They are expected to increase to $2 billion units by 2020. After growing rapidly, EOS started launching new products. They came out with skin products.

The creators of EOS lip balm wanted to make sure their products were products that would make their customers smile. They even waited a year to launch their products to ensure that they were launching a top of the line product. The cute orb shaped lip balms are winning the hearts of customers around the world.