Why Victoria Doramus Shares Her Experience as a Drug Addict

For many people, being a drug addict is not a character of weakness. It, however, takes more than the will to overcome the issue. Abusing illegal or prescription drugs will create chemical changes in one’s brain thereby causing cravings as well as a compulsion to continue using drugs.

For Victoria Doramus, coming up with innovative brands as well as marketing ideas takes incorporating new ideas through creativity. Since venturing into marketing, she has shaped her career by working for topnotch marketing brands. She has also garnered experience in media advertising, communication as well as branding and managed to create eye-catching branding ideas. Through her expertise and skill set, Doramus has ventured into leading advertising roles in the corporate sector including working for Trendera, Creative Arts Agency and others. Busy as she may be, Doramus has consistently pursued charity in various organizations. She also works as a volunteer in charitable firms.

Victoria Doramus prides herself in being multi-skilled. She has extensive experience in marketing and trend analysis. She attended the prestigious University of Colorado Boulder where she majored in mass communication. She also majored in arts since she is a believer of self-confidence. As an explorer, she started her marketing career after completing her studies.

Victoria Doramus is successful, but she has a lot to say regarding overcoming life’s challenges. For instance, she was a drug addict for about three years since she turned 26 years old. The recovery process entailed checking in rehab and taking a great treatment program that enabled her to live a normal life once more. Eventually, she overcame her battle with addiction. But that’s not the end for her since she’s now using her life experiences to educate people to live healthy, better lives. Doramus states that addiction is a weakness that contributes to a recurring character which enables you to rely on drugs to feel better. While she always thought that she would be okay as an addict drugs and alcohol affected her. She even lost her job in the process. Moreover, she sold some belongings to settle drug-related debts. Doramus also had major financial issues.

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