Talkspace Provides Major Expansion in Providing Mental Health Services

Talkspace is a private psychotherapy company that specializes in online therapy and unlimited messaging mental treatment operating globally. The facility was founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, New York, United States. Recently, Talkspace planned for major expansions which will ensure delivery of quality and additional services such as prescribing drugs. According to Talkspace’s cofounder Roni Frank, the company reached over one million users with only three years in the business.

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Drug Prescription

Talkspace hired Neil Leibowitz, a Chief Medical Officer, and a former UnitedHealth senior medical director, to provide drug prescription services to mental problem patients. Roughly twenty percent of Americans suffer from mental illnesses with two-thirds going for a year without treatment. However, there are other startup online therapy companies such as AI-Powered app Woebot and Better Help trying to solve the problem. Talkspace is hiring licensed psychiatrists working closely with the company therapists to determine if any patients demand for medication prescription.

Expanding To Offices and Universities

Besides expanding to drug prescription, Talkspace has also extended its services to offices and universities through employer support projects and partnering with fraternities in campuses. For instance, Delta Tau Delta members will get free access to the company services through a unique code. Similarly, Talkspace joined with Alpha Tau Omega another fraternity firm in 2016 through an advertisement.

According to Lynn Hamilton, Chief Commercial Officer at Talkspace, the strategy aims at reaching many young people in universities and provide them with the essential care to those suffering from mental illnesses. She mentioned that many people nowadays are free to talk about psychological issues and willing to get help, but universities have a great challenge as students demand extra care. Currently, the company is under talks with multiple sororities to deliver quality mental health services as well as working closely with institutional therapists.


Talkspace – Get the Help You Need without Worrying About the Costs

Suffering from any kind of mental health issues, whether it is depression, ADHD, stress, anxiety or insomnia, can be self-destructive in nature, if left untreated. Many people across the globe are suffering from such issues, and even after knowing it well that it is causing them harm, they aren’t doing anything about it. It is mostly because traditional therapy is known to cost a lot, and not many people are in a position to afford the cost and are not covered by insurance that would cover it. Talkspace started in 2012 with the aim to address this issue and provides e-counseling, which is the same as traditional therapy, but the only major difference is that it doesn’t cost much lesser than the traditional therapy. Read more reviews about talkspace at

Talkspace has over three thousand licensed and professional therapists attached to it, who are also given special training to provide online counseling to patients. You can even seek couples and marriage counseling over Talkspace Reviews, and it would help you and your partner sort out your differences and issues individually and together with the marriage therapist you would be assigned to. It can be one of the best decisions of your life as the positive differences it would infuse in your life would certainly help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Talkspace aims to help people with mental health issues through its online platform in a very simple and straightforward manner without them having to worry about the cost or the quality of the treatment they receive.

One important thing that people need to understand is that mental therapy needs to be continuous if one expect some result from it. Talkspace helps speed the recovery process since one can speak to their therapists on a daily basis and not have to wait for an appointment once every week. Read:

Having a Look at Talkspace for Relationship Therapy

An Untethered Space to Talk to Your Spouse Within

Understanding more about your partner and getting a different perspective could change a gloomy outlook into a positive one. A new technology, called Talkspace, takes the mental shift you need into account. Talkspace is a revolutionary app that brings relationship therapy right to where you are.

There are a few things you should know about each session.

Real Therapy

The simplicity of this system shouldn’t mislead you. What looks like a social tool will hosts a private setting; the app is encrypted with the best technology, which is improved every year. Think of the strategic advantage behind an easy-to-use app that fits right into your hands. There’s a challenge that you and your partner are living with, and a fast way to tell a professional about it is with a text.

No Location Restrictions

Let’s be real; you could have a panic attack right now. Your spouse could too. Who can you rely on if that happens? Imagine finding some fresh air and then venting your ideas as you need to. We weren’t always this lucky when it came to getting help, but now, location will never be an issue.

The Costs

Insurance can be a burden. The ideas of costs, whether you qualify and increasing premiums are worrisome. Each makes the prospect of getting treatment more challenging than it needs to be. There are no requests for insurance with Talkspace Reviews. You only need to find the right plan and for you both to pay with your own money.

No Contracts

Monthly obligations can be taxing in some situations. You can now manage your life without any contracts holding you back. With the same mindset that makes therapy a free-roaming option, Talkspace allows you to cancel your therapy at any time. It’s doesn’t matter how much or how little you’ve invested.

You have the option of changing therapists when you want to connect with a different person. No matter how you two pursue your therapy, the options are yours to command.

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Sussex Healthcare invests in high-quality services delivery

Sussex Healthcare is one of the most established caregiving facilities in the world. Currently, this company has 20 caregiving homes spread out in different parts of South-coast England. This healthcare firm was formed in the 1980s and has been growing significantly over the past three decades due to its ability to offer superior services to its clients. Initially, it was established as a facility where old people would get care services, but over time it included other individuals with various life-threatening medical conditions such as neurological disorders. Today, you will find people with varied medical conditions who are getting care from this facility.

Sussex Healthcare has managed to stay on top of the industry by having superior solutions for the needs of the people. From the management to the staff members, the organization has invested in people who have interests of the clients at heart. The employees in this organization are highly qualified to work in the medical sector since the organization does due diligence before hiring new employees. Everyone who is chosen to serve Sussex Healthcare must have the interests of serving the people first as opposed to the financial gains that come with such a job. Visit to learn more about Sussex Healthcare

SHC has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that gives residents of this facility a chance to engage in physical exercises. There is a gym facility that is manned by highly trained personals who help elderly people would like to get back physical stability to engage in various exercises. The services in this facility are offered 24/7, a factor that makes it one of the most suitable facilities for the elderly and those with physical and mental challenges.

Sussex Healthcare is now led by CEO Amanda Morgan Taylor who took up responsibilities at the beginning of 2018. She is a highly experienced expert on the management of healthcare facility since he has served in various positions of management for the past three decades. Her addition to Sussex Healthcare is seen as one of the measures that will lead to consistent growth in coming days. Since she took up her responsibilities, there has been unprecedented changes in this organization with the intent of offering clients better services.



Atlanta-based Dr. Mark McKenna App-solutely has a plan

Dr. Mark McKenna is evolving his medical aesthetic business nationwide. This even though the noted doctor and entrepreneur opened only two brick-and-mortar boutiques.

The national reach is the result of an Uber-like app that connects providers of procedures like Botox nationwide with local clients. He told Forbes in an interview recently that clients can use the app to request home appointments.

For example, a medical aesthetic provider in a city like Chicago can log in and say they are available for the home Botox appointment. This, Dr. Adam McKenna continues, results in a lot of savings for the provider in that they do not have to pay overhead costs. The client can also use the app to order a virtual consult.

Atlanta-based Equity38 invested $4 million in the development of OVME app. The effort, according Dr. Mark McKennas Forbes interview, is a way of creating a brand identity around retail medical aesthetics, which he describes as a “very” fragmented industry.

A brick-and-mortar OVME boutique opened in Buckhead, GA, in early March, 2018. There is another location planned for Nashville. The doctor and entrepreneur said he wants to provide access to new, medical noninvasive treatments that go beyond a “one-size-fits-all” approach to aesthetics. Treatments, among others, include:

– Facial and skin services like Botox

– Male testosterone replacement

– PRP therapy for thinning hair

– Weight loss management programs

The aim is to take advantage of new technology and be on the forefront of change in the medical aesthetics industry, Dr. Mark McKenna told in a press release.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a noted veteran of the medical aesthetic community and entrepreneur. His former business included ShapeMed, which he started in Atlanta in 2007 and grew to four locations. ShapeMed was sold in 2015 to Lifetime Fitness where he worked as the medical director briefly.

Prior to this, he was a doctor and real estate investor in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, he sold his real estate stake and moved to Atlanta.

Amicus Therapeutics Treatments for Rare Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is a fifteen-year-old biopharmaceutical company specializing in rare and orphan diseases. Because of Amicus Therapeutics work with rare diseases they have received grants from The Michael J Fox Foundation & Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. The public company’s focus at the moment is on a therapy for genetic diagnosis of Fabry disease. Fabry disease is rare and often misdiagnosed and is often found by symptoms of pain, kidney failure and cardiac complications. Amicus Therapeutics is also under development for a rare genetic connective tissue disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. This treatment named SD-101, at present, would be a first to market treatment for EB which can cause painful blisters and skin fragility.


Amicus Therapeutics and other innovative pharmaceutical companies like this will lead health care in the next decades. With more technology and understanding of disease and the body, there will be more opportunity for companies like Amicus Therapeutics to focus on unique market positions to be able to reach many Americans that are not being treated currently. Pain inducing diseases like Fabry disease are becoming more diagnosed as doctors begin to take pain seriously and look further than just pain management into the treatment of the causes of the pain. In 2008 the company expanded from a single New Jersey office, adding an office in San Diego as well. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics expects further growth with the 2015 acquisition of Scioderm. The company’s commitment to innovation, smart risks, and the families and people that have these rare diseases will mean success for the company and the people that are counting Amicus Therapeutics to improve their everyday life. They are committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the development and research into therapies for rare diseases that often go unnoticed and under treated. They are dedicated to patients and families, and improving lives. Read the company profile at Crunchbase.