Ara Chackerian’s Legacy for Those Struggling with Depression

Ara Chackerian has a fascinating story about his business journey before he became a business owner and a philanthropist.



Ara Chackerian developed his own business with a partner. He is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, and is currently a member of the company’s board of directors. Ara Chackerian is also a Managing Partner of the company ASC Capital Holdings; a company focused on giving chances for young firms starting in the healthcare industry.



Ara Chackerian, obviously very experienced in the healthcare industry, being an angel investor for young business developers in the field and the creator of TMS Health Solutions, a company focused on providing therapy for victims of extreme clinical depression as well as services on pain management and memory disorder.



Because the depression that some patients experience is so severe, remedies and typical types of treatments do not work with them. For those, TMS has adapted and implemented a special procedure that uses magnetic stimulation for the body to steadily heal itself.



His business was founded in San Francisco, where Ara built a successful firm in the healthcare industry and has a record of treatments and therapies that healed victims of depression and memory disorder, as well as other mental conditions.


According to Patch, the TMS method of treating these patients is unique because it does not expose the body of the patient to drugs. According to Ara Chackerian, the TMS method uses the body’s own cells, stimulating their action in the brain, to help treat the depression from the inside. This is a proven method that works for extreme cases of the disease. You can visit


Ara Chackerian has an extensive background in healthcare technology, where he learned about the opportunity of using magnetism to stimulate the cells of the body. TMS is not the first company that Ara Chackerian founded, and he has worked for decades in the healthcare field. According to him, his best business decisions and ideas came from experience.


If you have any signs of clinical depression, or if you know you are struggling with the dysfunction and typical therapies aren’t working, consider TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian has made decades of research on developing these solutions.


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