Nick Vertucci’s Road to Success

Some people who succeed in their career life after great struggles are a true inspiration to many others. One such man is Nick Vertucci, Founder, and CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Vertucci was brought up in a humble family where both his parents loved him. They made sure that they provided for him and his siblings’ everything they needed until Nick was at the age of ten when his father died. His mother was forced to work throughout the day to provide for them and often came back at late hours when everyone as asleep. At the age of eighteen, Nick Vertucci was at his hardest time of life.

Fortunately, Vertucci found a breakthrough when he started his own business where he used to sell computer parts. At that time when he was successful, Nick decided to marry and even got three daughters. Unfortunately, things again turned worse when the dot-com crash of 2000 came, and Nick lost all his money. The dot-com period was the period when the usage and adaptation to the internet enormously grew. Internet-based companies developed and later the dot-com bubble collapsed, and the companies fell. Other people who had made investments in the companies also lost their money.

Having very little income, Nick Vertucci was forced to get into debts which later became a problem. He eventually lost everything excluding his home. During this time, a friend to Nick, fortunately, invited him to a real estate training seminar which would last three days. Although unwilling to use his weekend in a workshop, Vertucci decided to go. At the seminar, Verucci understood some of which was said by the speaker but not all. He thought of what was said and was inspired by the real estate business. He became determined to learn more about the real estate business, and it took him about ten years to learn all that he needed to start.

He developed a simple system which allowed him to make money in real estate. Within no time, Vertucci had become a millionaire and got out of all his debts. He was given inspiration also to help others with the same problems and founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in 2013. The academy has locations across the U.S such as Nevada. The college offers lessons on real estates and has since helped many people in the real estate business.