Check Out David Beckham’s Minion Tattoo

Everyone knows that David Beckham is filled with tattoos, and some of them are very interesting. David has tattoos from his head down to his toes, and he has recently added a new one. David Beckham’s Tattoo. David decided to get a tattoo of one of his daughters favorite characters, who is from the movie “Despicable Me.” He tattooed a Minion on his right rib cage, and the tattoo is absolutely adorable. The picture is of a yellow Minion, and it’s in its signature jumpsuit, but the suit is pulled over its mouth.

The guys behind Boraie Development noted that his daughter had some sway in the reason why he’d tattoo this cute little yellow guy on his body. Even though the tattoo looks great, it turns out that it’s a temporary tattoo. He put the tattoo on in order to impress his daughter, but it’s not something that he wants to keep there permanently, David decided to tattoo his daughter’s name on the left side of his body, instead of putting one of her favorite cartoon characters there.

One would have to question if it would cause problems for David if he chose to keep the tattoo, but since it’s temporary, then all it is, is free press for the new “Minions” movie. The new movie Minions, it hits theaters in early July, and if it’s anything like the previous Despicable Me movies, it will be a big hit.