NBA Owners


For many people, owning a team in the NBA would be a dream come true. With so few NBA teams there is only a lucky few that are able to own a team. One of the most influential owners in the NBA today is Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson has made a career in the NBA, and was one of the biggest reasons that the Hawks were able to turn around their franchise. There are many ways in which NBA owners can influence the league that they work in for both teams and fans. The NBA is a growing industry, and it is important that the owners capitalize on the favorable trends that are currently in the industry. Here are several ways that NBA owners can add value to their fans.

Fan Focus

One of the biggest ways that an NBA owner can stand out is to add value to his team through a focus on the fans. There are many owners that are focused on only making as much money as possible. Although an NBA team does need to have some financial benefits to its owners, there is no reason that owners should not invest in the fan experience as well. There are many NBA owners that have spent a considerable amount of money on the fan experience at games. As the world of technology continues to change, there are many people that expect that the type of in game experience that we are used to currently could change in a major way. With a lot of competition with television, it is vital that NBA owners do what they can to enhance the fan experience in whatever way is possible. This is the path that the most successful NBA owners will take over the next couple of years.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson on wikipedia is a great example of how to turn around an NBA franchise. Less than ten years ago, Bruce Levenson took over the Atlanta Hawks franchise as the sole owner. At the time, the Hawks were one of the worst franchises in the league from several perspectives. Not only were they not making much money, but they were also having poor performances in front of their fans. There are many people that thought that the Hawks would eventually have to move cities. However, Bruce Levenson came in and turned around the franchise. He invested in the team over the long term to increase their performance. In addition, he listened to the fan base for what they were wanting out of the team and the experience in watching them. Over a span of many years, Bruce Levenson was finally able to turn around the Hawks and make them one of the best teams in the league.