Tips For The End Of Quarter From NGP VAN

End of quarter is a highly stressful time during campaigns. You have to reach important fundraising goals, which often means a lot of pressure on finance and web teams. To relieve some of the stress, listed below are great tips to ease things for the people in charge of communications.

Running out of good ideas is easy when you’re sending emails every weekday. It’s always a smart move to keep some ideas at hand when you don’t have time to do much thinking. These are some ideas to start you off on the right path.

Keep people up to date on supporter activity (Facebook likes, volunteers, email subscribers, etc.) How much money was already raised for the current quarter and how many donations already received. People always like feeling as if they are a part of something huge and that momentum is increasing in the campaign.
A thermometer graphic that shows the “temperature” of your objective can provide people with a visual sense of the progress your campaign is making. If the numbers indicate that the contribution average is lower than possible, let your supporters know and kindly request that people donate the average amount in helping to further the goals for the EOQ.

Lastly, reward yourself (and your team). Running campaigns is tough work. Congratulate the whole team by throwing a party. The quarter’s end is a very intense time for ever person in your department, so organizing activities for your team like pizza parties or maybe laser tag or even a potluck can relieve a ton of stress. There are countless ways your team can take time to celebrate the successful quarter and unwind. Having a fun event to look forward to can be the perfect motivation. Team events are also the perfect time to discuss important things like what didn’t work and what gets the best results.
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NGP VAN is a United States-based company that is dedicated to making sure that organizations running campaigns can effectively use technology in reaching campaign goals. In 2009, NGP Van was the leading provider of campaign software provider. NGP Vans applications are used by many Congress members. Their software has been utilized in the Obama campaign, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Liberal Party Of Canada and the British Liberal Democrats campaigns.


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Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund was established by CEO Jacob Lief. The goal of the charity was to raise money in order to bring education to poor children who live in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, in the Port Elizabeth townships. Education, Lief believes, is the first step to changing your life. So, obviously eh believed that his foundation was doing something important and so he was rightly upset when he realized that they weren’t working as efficiently as possible. This gave way to the new Ubuntu Model that everybody is now talking about.

The Ubuntu Model was pioneered by Jacob Lief and approved by Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board. The Ubuntu Model focuses on changing the way that charities raise money for their causes. Most charities end up raising money from any benefactor that they can find, unfortunately this means that their funds end up being highly regulated. Highly regulated funding ends up dragging down charities who need to see their funds reach very important destinations. Lief had to propose something that would fundamentally change the game while bringing Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the team on board.

Many folks do not realize it but benefactors are in complete control of how their donated money gets spent. This means that money awarded to a non profit can be tied up in regulations and earmarked for specific purposes. This is something that Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief wanted desperately to fix. Fortunately for Andrew Rolfe, a big benefactor of Ubuntu Fund himself, Lief had a quality idea.

Focusing more on the quality of investor was the deciding factor for Jacob Lief. Lief says, “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” Finding funding from sources that aren’t highly regulated is a big deal for non profits like the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund’s focus on quality benefactors has enabled the company to completely streamline their approach. With how effective this approach has been we definitely anticipate it being adopted by other non profits in the coming years.