Upwork Create a To-Do List to Prioritize Your Work

Upwork is an online job board where clients post any work that they need to be done, and freelancers can submit proposals and bid to get these jobs. All the projects have a definitive period within which the work has to be completed. The freelancers then receive reviews from the clients based on the work that they have completed. As a freelancer, time management is something that everyone struggles with. Most people believe that they do not have enough hours to complete all tasks that need to be completed. The work becomes easier with a to-do list and makes time management much more manageable.

To make your to-do list more effective, it is vital that you use some tips. When creating the list, you need to mark the tasks that are the top priority for the day. You need to consider the urgency of completing the task. The most important ones will be on the top of the list while the unimportant ones should be mentioned at the end of the list. Also, include the time that you will need to complete each of the tasks. It will help you know exactly how much you will be able to accomplish on a particular day. You should not pack your entire schedule for the day as it can result in sloppy work and can result in unflattering reviews from your clients which are not good for your profile.

You should remember that some tasks might be easy for you while the others will need more concentration levels. It is best to complete the most difficult task first thing in the morning or when your energy levels are at its highest. When you do that, you will see that your productivity level has risen and you will get more things done on any particular day. If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you need to complete, you should not think twice before getting some help. You can find freelancers with the necessary skills to help you with the work. You can outsource your work so that you are more efficient at handling your work.

Malcolm CasSelle Introduces New Trade System Online

Malcolm CasSelle is OPSkins’s CIO and he is also WAX’s President. Before he became engaged with WAX, Malcom CasSelle was the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Digital Media of SeaChange International.

He has always been an investor in recent companies that are engaged in Bitcoin, Zynga, and Facebook. CasSelle finished his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and completed his Master’s Degree also in Computer Science at Stanford University. He knows how to speak in Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm CasSelle co-founded NetNoir in 1995 and likewise worked as it CTO. It is among the first website media production that featured the Afrocentric art, music, and literature. NetNoir was also the one of the original companies that was welcomed to Greenhouse Program of the AOL. He also served as the advisor and president of the CEO of the Pacific Century CyberWorks – a telco service supplier located in Hong Kong.

Since February 2016 Malcolm CasSelle is the CTO President of Tronc. He is likewise Worldwide Asset eXchange’s President and OPSkin’s CIO since 2017.

The development of OPSkins came at a time when there were issues pertaining to the marketplace of virtual game assets in the areas of safety, payments, and geographic location of online users, because it does not have any decentralization features needed for users to transact effectively.

Although OPSkins is regarded as a prominent place to buy and sell effects for virtual games online players have a difficulty in making desired transactions that makes it frustrating on the part of the players. Aside from this, players often need to exit their games to make transactions, which is quite inconvenient.

So, there was a need to develop a system that would allow a peer-to-peer exchange platform, and that is where Malcom CasSelle’s WAX comes in because it was able to provide an effective solution to the fraud and fragmentation issues that normally occur in the trade of virtual game products. WAX serves as a common currency that makes it simpler for users around the globe to complete their transactions without any inhibitions as to their location, respective currencies.