JD.com Drone Delivery to be Use in Japan

China’s largest retailer JD.com has worked out a deal with the global e-commerce company Rakuten, Inc. JD.com CEO Jingdong sees this as a major step forward for their company. JD.com’s drones and autonomous delivery robots utilized in Rakuten’s new delivery system in Japan.

Here Comes the Drones

JD.com and Rakuten, Inc are combining their experience combined perform an on-demand delivery service second to none. JD.com and Jingdong have the experience with drones needed to make this work. Rakuten, Inc. Has the experience in creating the phone apps the e-commerce side of it. Working together these two companies will be given Japan a unique e-commerce and delivery service. This could easily result in thousands of drones swarming the Japanese sky as they deliver packages. However, it is their combined experience that will make it work.

Rakuten Drone delivery service

Rakuten has been using drones since 2016 but this deal with JD.com steps it up big time. The combination of JD.com’s drones and UGVs with Rakuten’s unmanned delivery system is going to solve a lot of problems they come from trying to make deliveries to Japan’s Islands. The problem faced in these deliveries is trying to deliver to the smaller Islands. Japan’s main island lacks these problems I can still benefit from the delivery system outside of the cities.

JD.com drone development

JD.com started its drone development in 2015 beginning the world’s first commercial delivery system. These deliveries began in rural China in 2016. JD.com’s drones have more than 6,666 hours of flight time. In January 2019 they struck a deal for deliveries in Indonesia. This Indonesia has added much to their experience.

This joint venture between JD.com and Rakuten is going to be a big boost for e-commerce in Japan. The combination of these two commerce giants is going to be a big help to Japan. It is going to make it easier for deliveries to be made in rural areas and the smaller Islands.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jd.com/