OSI Food Solutions Grows its Footprint in the U.S., Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

While OSI Food Solutions has always been a top name in the industry of high-quality meat production and distribution, the company is now poised to become the number one provider of meat globally. The company was built around the idea that consistent growth should be a key focus of its business development strategy. The company frequently purchases other companies that produce meat, or the company buys majority stake in those companies. Basically, OSI Food Solutions has an umbrella of additional businesses underneath it, many of which they choose to keep the name of the company, as it is a household name.

Speaking of household names, OSI Food Solutions just announced that it has purchased a major chicken development facility formerly owned by Tyson Food Group. Tyson has been a household name in the United States for decades and is synonymous with chicken throughout the country. It is the leading provider of chicken products throughout the United States. The facility, which is located on the Southside of Chicago, was purchased by OSI for $7.4 million. The facility is two hundred thousand square feet large and employs several hundred people.

Tyson Food Group made an announcement in 2017 that they would have to close the Chicago plant. They could no longer justify keeping the plant open with the current volume of chicken being produced. There were over four hundred employees working at the plant when that announcement was made. That would leave those four hundred people unemployed in an area of Chicago where jobs are already hard to find. OSI Food Solutions bought the facility, and the majority of those people will now be keeping their jobs, which is incredibly fortunate. This purchase is a big part of OSI Food Group’s plan to grow its footprint in the United States. The company is a household name in the Europe and already has a huge presence in the United States. However, OSI Food Solutions is always focused on growth, and seeks to increase presence in North America.

OSI Food Solutions also made another recent announcement on its European front. Its facility in Toledo, Spain just added a high-capacity production line and expanded its facility by over twenty thousand square feet. The addition of this high-capacity production line will now give the company the ability to produce twice as much chicken products as it could previously. The volume of chicken products has grown from 12,000 tons annually to 24,000 tons.

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David Mcdonald Leadership is Expanding The OSI Group

It is evident that international and well-established companies are local. That means it is not possible or an organization with branches in various part of the world to run one-size fits all operation. Note that the external factors such as government regulation, cultural believes and talent pool can have a great impact on how an organization is run. When it comes to the industry of food processing, the list of the factors comprises the taste buds of the consumer.

OSI Group is a well-positioned organization with an international network, literally with individuals from the organization in the office all over the globe. The CEO of OSI, Mr. David McDonald says that they have an international operation, implying that they have a scale in size. The company has employed local management crew that is very subtle and very considerate of the local culture and taste. The success of OSI has been attributed to the control of international measure as well as effectiveness together with answers that are derived locally.

The headquarters of the OSI is based in Aurora, Ill, and supplies value-added protein products such as beef patties plus sausage links. OSI also distributes food products such as pizza and sandwich to top food service stores and retail companies. The privately-owned company operates more than 50 food processing facilities in 17 countries. On top of that, the organization is using its tactic of IE as well as solutions that are derived locally to spread its domain to the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

For the last two decades, OSI has been successfully operating in China, and the economy of the country has grown, and the presence of this organization has grown with it. The organization runs eight processing plants with two new facilities being underway. Note that OSI will be the leading poultry manufacturer in China. It is just recently that the company launched a mega-facility for further production in Henan province.

McDonald points out that their primary focus is China since it continues to be the leading and ever-growing consumer market in the world. On top of that, the country has the power of demography, and the population is rising more affluent. OSI Group works with great clients in China who are as well experiencing tremendous growth and will like to catch up with them. OSI strives to engage equipment manufacturers to come up with a procedure that aid in food quality and safety. For instance, a machine that has X-RAY equipment will be used to sense harmful substances.