Marc Beer at LumeN XT, Inc.

Marc Beer is a charismatic leader in the business world with vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, where he has helped many start-up ventures get on their feet and grow commercially into profitable businesses with cutting edge technology to maneuver the shifting sands of the international market. He went on to become a leader at Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Neurosciences, as the name suggests, is mainly involved with mental illnesses such as Bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, chronic lack of sleep, and Parkinson’s disease.


This entire portfolio covers a period of not less than 25 years; time within which Marc Beer has shown his commitment and dedication to the job. Paul Rhyne, who is a co-founder of LumeNXT expressed confidence that Marc Beer was the right man for the job at LumeN XT which is a company that stands behind every surgeon as they operate on a patient in the operating room or theater by providing them with state of the art devices which increases the number of lives saved every day in many hospitals in the United States of America and elsewhere around the world.


Marc Beer went to Miami University (Oxford, OH).In the year 2018, he raised $42M, which went into the development and testing of four new products at Renovia Inc, which is a women’s health startup. Marc Beer is dedicated to having less illnesses around the world, triggering worldwide growth and so much more in his vision of universal health care something which can happen.


LumeN XT has produced a relatively new technology, which has been rolled out commercially recently and surgeons who have interacted with it are on record saying that it is a superior technology in contrast to traditional techniques. This is because it leaves a small margin for error, and it allows for greater flexibility. Marc Beer is set to take this new venture to the next level and to help many patients get back on their feet countrywide.


Surgeons across the globe are trying out this new method and are finding it very efficient in controlling the workflow and making surgical procedures, even more, easier because the gadgets use Light Emitting Diode (LED) which enhances visualization considerably. As a professional and a scientist, a surgeon must be careful since his procedures are a matter of life or death in the operating room.


LumeNXT’s devices are very user-friendly in that they have a minimal margin of error or none at all. They boost precision, and therefore, doctors have confirmed this new mechanism as being both effective and efficient. Since Marc Beer took over at the company, huge resources have been directed towards the exploration and development of better devices in the pharmaceutical industry, and the company is set to realize its dreams and mission. Learn more:


Keeping Up to Date with Alex Pall

Alex Pall may not be known by name by most people, but you may know him as one of the members of the Chainsmokers EDM duo. The Chainsmokers are well known for their hit songs Roses, Closer, #Selfie, and Don’t Let Me Down. The Chainsmokers have been putting out new music throughout their time making music. Alex Pall originally met Andrew Taggart in 2012 after a mutual manager introduced them to each other when they were both on the lookout for someone to make music within the EDM genre.

Before his time in the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall was born in 1985. He was raised in Westchester County, New York by his parents. His father was an art dealer and his mom was a stay at home mother. He loved music throughout most of his life. He can play piano and started songwriting when he was young. Alex was introduced to EDM when he was in high school and started DJing at events. He later moved to Manhatten and played DJ shows as a nighttime gig and worked in an art gallery during the day. He started to really think he could make a career out of his work as a DJ when he continued to be booked for events in Manhatten. His manager Adam Alpert introduced him to Andrew Taggart when Alex was looking for someone else to make music with who also had a passion for EDM, but wanted to take a more personalized approach to it. Andrew Taggart proved to be the perfect music crafting partner for Alex. Alex serves as the primary DJ and pianist in the group. Andrew is the lead producer, guitarist, and vocalist of the group. They both write songs.

When he isn’t making music for the Chainsmokers or on tour with the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall resides in Los Angeles with his dog Mooshu. He plays the piano and likes to travel in his spare time. Although his favorite thing to do in his spare time is to write new songs for the Chainsmokers.

Alex Pall Speaks Of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one half of the super duo dance genre music group, The Chainsmokers. He had much to say recently. Alex Pall started off as a DJ in New York City . It was his visit to an art gallery that helped him understand dance music was something that would begin to consume in his life. He decided he was going to give it a shot. Soon, he was able to obtain a manager and met Andrew who is his bandmate. It seems that they both dropped everything to give their passion for music a go. Understanding that they had a lot in common musically, the two realized truly how much they really wanted to pursue their music dreams. Alexl and Andrew began to shape an identity for themselves. Alex Pall’s bandmate, Drew, happened to be a great producer. This was a great asset to Alex being a DJ, and being able to incorporate his marketing and social skills. Alex Pall attributes Instagram for the group’s international success.

The Chainsmokers receive messages from all over the world including places like the Philippines and South Africa. Alex Pall and Andrew say that they make music for themselves. In fact, Alex Pall has made known that the group’s music is about Alex and Drew. This is done intentionally especially when it comes to The Chainsmokers writing songs with other songwriters. The music duo did a song called “#Selfie” in which the pair travelled the world to create a shift in the way music was being brought to people. Each time they have a goal in mind. That goal is to make the kind of music that makes people feel a particular way. Their music goes beyond looks and age. The Chainsmokers however, are making sure they don’t become complacent in their performances and work. They don’t want to run the risk of someone else coming in to obtain their spot In music.

The Chainsmokers, DJ and Production Duo’s Career, and Awards

Chainsmakers is a United States DJ and production duo that consist of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The electronic duo behind Something Just Like This and the Closer achieved a breakthrough with their Selfie song of 2014. The song was among the top 20 single in various nations across the world. In October 2018, they released their EP, Bouquet which featured the single Roses of the year and reached the top 10 on the United States Billboard Hot 100.

The Do Not Let Me Down song became the duo’s first song to be among the top five singles, and they won the famous Grammy Awards for the Best Dance and Recording at the 59th honors ceremony. This song also became their first position single on the chart. Under their brand name, the two have won several awards including the two American Music Awards, eight iHeratRadio Music Awards, and Seven Billboard Music Awards.

Chainsmokers initially comprised of DJ Rhett Bixler and Pall. They were later reformed as the EDM DJ in 2012 under the influence and management of Adam Alpert in the famous New York City. DJ Jing who had grown up as Pall, was informed about Taggart by Alpert. Pall went to the New York University for the music business and art history while Taggart attended Syracuse University before they met. After meeting, they started their career path by making several remixes on the indie bands, and in 2012 the two collaborated with a famous Indian recording artist and actress, Priyanka Chopra on the single song Erase.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s Closer, Diamond-Certified Single

Just after two years, the Closer which was the biggest hit by Halsey and the Chainsmokers became diamond certified in the United States for the shipments of approximately 10 million units. The Closer song went on to accumulate some awards which helping both the Chainsmokers and Halsey earn one of the Grammy nominations. Before the arrival of the famous Closer song, the Chainsmokers had already released a handful of the top 10 hits while for Halsey, the song was her breakout hit single.

All About Infinity Group Australia

This is an organization that was founded by Graeme Holm. He is a man who has been in the financial services sector for more than a decade. Among his completed accreditations is through finance, financial planning, and real estate. What motivated Graeme to start his company’ Infinity Group Australia is when he learned that the financial institutions were directly offering a poor deal to most of the families in Australia. It made Graeme become inspired and he started his company so that he could help finish the problem. He has been aiming to change and fix the lives of most Australians one home at each time financially.


When he was in an interview talking about his company, he explained why using a debit card can help control the financial expenditure for a consumer. According to Graeme Holm, when you are not paying for something cash, then you are not purchasing it! When he talked about his company, he said that they ensure that each dollar is given a purpose and it has been focusing to help in educating the people the difference that exists between having a need and having a want. It will also help to keep them accountable to one’s goals.


He said that most of the kinds of stuff that consume the hand earned money end up being thrown to trash in a few months time. Instead of that, the money should be sitting in someone’s mortgage which will help in reducing the daily interest of someone. What people have been assuming and forgetting is that interest still calculates on daily basis and there are charges at every end month. His company is, therefore, focusing on mitigating clients expenditure where they won’t be eating mince in seven different ways every week.


The company is also aware that most of the families have been spending what they can directly access and therefore be having the credit becomes their ongoing enemy to an average family living in Australia. A debit card is known to operate in a similar and flexible manner like a credit card but the advantage is that it ensures that the client has not hyperextended his outgoings. Learn more:


He also talked about how his company is being received by the borrowers. He said that most of them have loved the company. This is because they are able to go to work, have time with their families when they are sure that their bills are being taken care of. This is able to remove the stresses that they have been experiencing. For other clients who love being more hands-on to their finances, it is a big adjustment because at the third month they are able to have cleared their debt instead of having it for 122 months and they are able to see the big picture there.



Hussain Sajwani Involvement in the Success of DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani is the UAE executive chair, founder, and CEO of the DAMAC Group. He gained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Washington. He worked as a contracts manager in GASCO, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC. Mr. Sajwani eventually established his own business named Draieh Management Services Co LLC, which later became DAMAC Group. DAMAC Properties is generally attached to remarkable marketing performances, golf course projects or glitzy developments made in association with Donald Trump. Sajwani founded an investment company in 1992 named DICO Invest. The company presently holds investment portfolios of securities in several companies, which are traded on a variety of global markets.


Hussain Sajwani founded Al Jazeira Service Co, a firm listed on the Muscat Securities Market with capital worth $125 million. Making strategic investments in the insurance sector, Sajwani has consolidated the company’s strengths in the financial services through the acquisition of a 40 percent stake based in the Bahrain on Al Ahlia Insurance Company in 2003. Sajwani is also involved in various business ventures that include the Oman-based Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co that was founded in 1998 and was the only tile-manufacturing firm in the nation. Sajwani invested in the business and helped to finance it to build the company to its present size.


Hussain Sajwani has shareholding interests in Global Logistics Services Co. Al Jazeira Services, Al Atilia Insurance Company, and Taiba Kuwait Holding Company KSCC. Hussain Sajwani has also served Majan University College’s board in Muscat, Oman in addition to Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Takaful Company, and JUNO Online in New York, United States. DAMAC Group established as a specialist catering company in 1992 with its headquarters operating in Dubai. DAMAC Group features its offices in other various areas around the globe including, North Africa, CIS States, the Middle East, Far East, Europe and the Subcontinent.


DAMAC Properties announced its plans in 2013, on how to raise $500 million from the sales on the London Stock Exchange of the global depository receipts. The firm operates as an employee service company in a variety of industries that includes catering, property development, insurance, education, and trading. The company as at of September 2014 was valued at over $4 billion. Approximately 85 percent of DAMAC Properties is owned by Sajwani thus, putting his net worth over $3.5 billion. Hussain Sajwani is a profound philanthropist who believes in offering both monetary support and guidance to just causes.