Cleansing Conditioners Could be the Shampoo Alternative that You Need

Shampooing our hair has become such a natural part of hair care routine, that it may be easy to miss how much damage this one simple process may be causing to your overall hair’s health. The frequency of shampooing daily or even a few times a week can damage your hair significantly over time. If you notice that your hair is feeling dry and stripped of it’s natural oils after shampooing, there are other healthy alternatives for you to choose from.

One of the most popular alternatives to shampooing right now is conditioner cleansing. It is exactly as it sounds, you can thoroughly clean your hair using conditioners instead of shampoo. Some people don’t mind using regular conditioners to cleanse their hair, but conditioner cleansing is most effective when the conditioner you are using is specially formulated to do the job. Otherwise, you could be using a conditioner that’s just sitting on top of your hair making product build up even worse.

WEN by Chaz Dean ( offers an amazing selection of cleansing conditioners that your hair will absolutely adore. Celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean created Wen line of products as a more holistic approach to hair care. Chaz himself hasn’t used shampoo on his clients or his own hair since 1993. The cleansing conditioners he has created are free of drying detergents such as sodium laurel sulfate. The WEN 3-19 Daily Cleansing Treatment is just one of the many cleansing conditioners from WEN’s line of products.

This dual purpose product cleanses your tresses while it simultaneously conditions every strand. This product is gentle enough for everyday use. WEN has an assortment of cleansing conditioners to suit the needs of your specific hair type. With other WEN cleansing conditioners to choose from such as Winter Vanilla Mint, Pink Jasmine Peony, and Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioner, your hair will not only be healthy, but it will also smell lovely.

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