After Hardships and Skepticism, Success Came Along

Before Vijay began pursuing his success, he understood that no one could do everything alone. Bearing this fact in mind, and began seeking his path. Today, Vijay is a celebrated business person and entrepreneur. He has accomplished many things and received awards. Vijay is recognized both locally and internationally. He is a part of many organizations and authored several books as well. Besides business, Vijay is a participant in philanthropy because the society has given him much.

All these achievements did not just come to Vijay. He has experienced hardships even with a university education. Some of the menial jobs he did were security guides, cab driver, attendant a gas station and working for a dishonest person. Nevertheless, the best came out of the hardship.

The inception of QI lies behind an interesting story involving QNET. Back in college, Vijay was interested in network marketing but partly felt skeptic about it. Eventually, he decided to explore and know it. Gradually, Vijay loved the idea and venture in it. While Vijay was working on the plan, he thought about how networking would create business opportunities. His perspective from an economist was to address the issue of unemployment.

Employment is changing rapidly in the world because of automation. Vijay observed that automation and technology are replacing employees. This fact motivated him to choose an idea that will provide employment and entrepreneur opportunities for upcoming career people. QI forms the bedrock of a better future. The company turned out to be a breakthrough for Vijay.

Interacting with people is crucial to Vijay Eswaran.  It helps in bringing ideas to life because other people are part of completing it. That is why Vijay believes that no one can do everything in isolation. Although sometimes you need alone time and silence, other times involve other brilliant minds in your work.


Graham Edwards – Telereal Trillium’s Successful Philanthropist

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium. His company is very successful in the real estate market of the United Kingdom. In addition, Graham is also the CEO and co-owner of Castle Water. Castle Water is a top water seller in the United Kingdom. In his personal life, Graham enjoys and excels in tennis, likes skiing, and is very experienced in investments. Graham received a formal education at King’s College London and the University of Cambridge. Before merging and managing Telereal Trillium, Graham was the chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management as well as holding a position at both Merrill Lynch and the BT Group Plc’s property department.

Graham Edwards was a tremendous influence and directed the merger between Telereal and Trillium creating a largely successful real estate company where it serves 8,000 properties within the United Kingdom with a portfolio valued at 6 billion pounds. Although Graham Edwards focus is mostly on the growth of Telereal Trillium, he is also very active in bettering his community. Due to his successful merger of these two companies, Graham Edwards has created a legacy for being a highly effective deal maker.

Graham Edwards Telereal Trillium is known for and have been awarded for their charitable contributions giving Graham Edwards a reputation of being a successful philanthropist. A policy within Telereal Trillium known as Donation Matching Scheme is one of this organizations most effective charitable initiatives permitting Telereal Trillium employees to give their own money to a charitable cause they choose to donate to themselves, and Telereal Trillium matches that employees’ donation with a limit. At first, Telereal Trillium would match a donation at five hundred pounds but now they currently match donations up twenty-five hundred pounds. This increase came into effect due to the profitable growth of Telereal Trillium. This charitable behavior has had a positive result for Graham Edwards Telereal Trillium employees because they have pride in working for a company that allows them to be part of a corporate responsibility such as giving to a charity that they personally feel strongly about.