The Rise Of Richard Dick DeVos

When most people see the name Richard Dick DeVos, they see the son of a wealthy American businessman, Richard DeVos, Sr. However, for me, I see an individual with numerous years of experience as a management executive and a philanthropist. Richard was born in 1955. To avoid people from confusing the two, the young Devos is usually referred to as Dick.

Dick entered the world of management and business as a teenager. During his formative years, he worked at Amway Corporation together with his brother. The two were charged with the responsibility of doing random duties varying from demonstrating products to clients to cleaning tables after events. I believe this provided the young DeVos with the opportunity to mingle with many high-class customers and develop good social skills. These skills have proven crucial in the various management positions that he has held in the last four decades. This information was originally reported on New Netherland Institute.

Richard DeVos, Sr. and Jay Van Andel founded the Amway Corporation. The company is a network sales company. It uses dealers to distribute its products that include household, health, and personal care products. Dealers are encouraged to recruit other dealers in order to improve their earnings and enable Amway to serve more people.

About Dick Devos
After 10 years of working at Amway’s operations department, Dick Devos was promoted to the Vice President’s position. This post saw him manage the company’s operation in 18 countries and provided him with the much-needed exposure to the business world. I believe this exposure gave him the confidence and motivation needed to start his company. In 1989, he founded the Windquest Group. This information was originally mentioned on Dick DeVos’s website.

Following his father’s acquisition of Orlando Magic in 1991, Dick was appointed by his father to manage the basketball franchise. However, the new responsibility did not distract Dick from working hard on Windquest Group and growing it. His efforts convinced his father that he was the right person to take over the management of Amway Corporation. In 1993, his father resigned. Dick became the new President. During his tenure as the President, Dick DeVos was involved in restructuring and expanding the firm. This saw Amway expand its operations to over 50 countries worldwide.

In my opinion, the success of his policies convinced him that Amway no longer needed his services. He went back to focusing on Windquest Group and started developing interests in politics. However, his political career ended when he lost the Michigan governor race to Jennifer Granholm. Dick is married to Elizabeth DeVos, with whom he has four children.