Betsy DeVos Echoes Milton Friedman In Work At Department of Education

Betsy DeVos is a reformer, of that there is no doubt. As a reformer, Betsy DeVos feels that it is her obligation to bring forth great change in key areas that she strongly believes in. Betsy DeVos is a prominent GOP donor and Republican supporter from the state of Michigan. For her entire life, Betsy DeVos has been supporting conservative policies and working to establish herself as having a strong voice in the field of education. Betsy DeVos believes in the writing of Milton Friedman and, more specifically, his stance on education and government intervention. As the newest Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos will have the Presidential mandate on her side as she seeks to establish school choice curriculums in schools all around the country.


When you begin talking about making changes to the educational system, you typically start to talk about progressive or leftist options. For a long time, conservatives didn’t have a specific education reform platform to coalesce around, at least not until Betsy DeVos showed up. As a prominent reformer and devout believer in the role of school choice, Betsy DeVos will be pushing for maneuvering federal funds toward the assistance of private, charter and religious schools all around the nation.


The stance for school choice that conservatives take is simple: public schools have shown time and again to be lackluster in comparison to other educational facilities. With that being said, public schools take up funding from taxes whether or not a parent actually sends their children to those schools. School choice, or educational choice, simply means that federal funds will be made available to all styles of schools that parents of every type of student will be able to pay into supporting the option that makes sense for their own children. Conservatives believe in personal choice and personal freedom so this stance makes perfect sense.


Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. after having spent her entire adult life working as a private citizen to establish school choice as a viable option in neighborhoods around the country. Before being hired to operate as the Secretary of Education, DeVos managed to get more than 250,000 students on board and into school choice facilities throughout 17 different states in the United States of America. As the Secretary of Education and with the President’s support behind her, Betsy DeVos will be in a position to spread school choice to the rest of the institutions in the United States.


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Adam Milstein and the Israeli and Jew Communities

American Israelis teach American Jews many things. Adam milstein says they are more connected to the Israeli state and are shown the Israeli culture. They are also taught the Hebrew language. Adam Milstein thinks the American Israelis can help grow the American Jews into a better community. Many Israelis came here 1948 and they stayed under the radar. Israel had completely disowned them. Jews did not want anything to do with them until they paid a fee. Now they are Jews. American Israelis are proud to be American but they are also able to help their Nation here.

Adam Milstein says they stand proud and fight back against whoever is anti-Semitism. They are working on passing the anti-BDS legislation and expose anti-Israelism in the UN. They have helped bring people together to pass the Taylor Force Act. Adam Milstein says that Israel is not perfect but it is where they come from. They will be there to help and support their country, even from the US. Everybody knows where they are coming from and they are proud of who they are. They are family.

Israel is a wedge that has many disagreements but the American Israelis still accept and support the state of Israel. They are home of pro-Israel community nationwide. The decisions in Israel should be made by their citizens.

They are not here to take over America but to be apart of it. Israelis are just trying to bring their culture to the Jew community. They are here to learn what they can and to find ways to do activities with the Jew community.

They are here to build a stronger jewish community. Staying spiritual is an asset for them. They do programs where a lot of the community nation wide come together to celebrate their holidays. They get more respect now in Israel.

Adam Milstein Becomes One of the Greatest Philanthropists Worldwide

On the list of the top two hundred most influential leaders across the world was Adam Milstein’s name. Adam Milstein has developed one of the greatest reputations in social entrepreneurship and philanthropy as well. He stands on the 187th position in that list due because of the relentless influence of his Facebook and Twitter account in the world of philanthropy.

Other prominent figures featured on the list include; the philanthropist business elites such as the Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Trump and recognized politicians including; the former president of the US, Barack Obama. Additionally, the list includes other influential public figure in the world of philanthropy through their Arianna Huffington, Ashton Kutcher, Elton John and Magic Johnson.

Some of the leading philanthropic works done by Adam include; development of partnerships, consultancy services and fundraising to boost various programs that involve Jewish continuity, the advocacy of the Pro-Israel as well as the Jewish education.

Adam Milstein also holds other top executive positions in some of the well-known Jewish organizations such as the AIPAC, the Hasbara Fellowships, and the StandWithUs union. Adam has a great value for philanthropy, to him, philanthropy is one of the most rewarding parts of his life. His commitment and devotion to the philanthropy services have no boundary.

Adam Milstein, born in Israel is first the son of Hillel Milshtein and Eva Milstein. As a child, his family migrated to the Kiryat Motzkin where he spent his childhood. He later joined the mandatory Israeli Defence Force and was later joined the Technion institute of technology. Upon his graduation from the Institute, he was awarded a business and economics degree in 1978. He then migrated to the US where he received a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Los Angeles.

Adam Milstein is one of the founding members and the current Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). He is married to Gila Milstein who has been very supportive throughout his humanitarian works. Together with her, Adam established a family foundation through which they offer philanthropic and other charitable services that aim to strengthen the Israel State, the Jewish people and the relationship between the Israel and the United States.