NGP Van Gives Planning Advice To Organizers Of Campaign Rallies

The news coverage of the 2016 presidential election seemed to be dominated by images of large-scale rallies that sometimes filled entire sporting events stadiums. The same enthusiasm shown by those showing support for their presidential candidate of choice can be applied to smaller campaigns at all levels of government politics.

NGP Van, an organization that provides solutions for Democratic campaigns, has compiled a list of tips that all rally organizers will find helpful.

Be Sure A Rally Is Right For The Situation

Rallies consume intensive amounts of time and resources so it is a must to consider the desired outcomes to assure they align with the overall campaign goals. Rallies have proven to be beneficial at:

• Making the public aware of campaigns and swaying voters who had not yet chosen a candidate to endorse

Energizing supporters and encouraging them to become regular campaign volunteers

• Drawing media attention to a campaign and finding a broader audience for the message of the campaign

Detailed Planning

Proper planning is paramount when planning a rally. Failure to pay attention to the details could result in the perception poor leadership which would be counterproductive to the campaign. Details to carefully consider are location, sound systems, a program for speaking, and visual materials.

Advertising Is Key

It is important to advertise and promote the event all the way until the day it takes place. Print flyers and get volunteers to place them everywhere that makes sense. Create a Facebook event and have everyone involved with the campaign to share with friends. It may also be helpful to make calls to a local radio station and announce the event on air. Creativity and commitment to the program are key to all advertising projects.

Promote Grassroots Action Amongst Supporters

Once the effort has been undertaken to put on a successful rally, this energy from supporters must be funneled into actions that will result in an election day win. Rallies are a great place to find more volunteers as the excitement at these events can be contagious. Converting this enthusiasm into future actions to benefit the campaign is critical.

About NGP Van

NGP VAN is the number one provider of technology for progressive and democratic campaigns, nonprofits, and other organizations. They offer to there clients a fully integrated platform containing a suite of services that can be found nowhere else.


End Citizens United: Towards Repealing Citizens United

End Citizens United has been on the forefront against the influence of big businesses on the American political through unregulated campaign funding. While releasing the political campaign committee’s financial standings, Tiffany Muller who serves as the chief executive officer and president of the organization noted that it had made significant progress towards meeting the goal of raising $30 million. With up to 100,000 people already having sent their donations, End Citizens United is set to surpass the $25 million it raised during the past elections. The first quarter of the year has seen the company raise up $4 million to meet its financial goal to funds its grass roots participation in the upcoming 2018 congressional midterm elections. The organization has registered significant increase new donors, which made up to 40 percent of the total donations.

The funds donated will be used to support the campaigns on various politicians seeking for various seats in the upcoming elections. However, the funds will only be channeled to the campaigns of political committed to election finance reforms that will oversee the overturning of the Supreme Court in Citizens United case. End Citizens United has already declared its support for the Democratic Party candidate for a congressional seat in Georgia, Jon Ossoff. It has also declared its support for others seeking senatorial seats. While they are primarily Democrats, these candidates are proponents of these causes that are at the core of the organization’s founding. The new financial reforms announced by Mueller also included the organization’s decision to work closely with other like-minded organizations and capping of the maximum donations individuals can make at $5,000.

Organizational Profile

End Citizens United was founded in 2015 as a political action committee committed towards freeing the United States ‘political system from the clutches of big money businesses. Membership to the organization is based on subscription. It currently has over 3 million subscribers. To attain this fundamental goal, End Citizens United not only source for donations from the citizens; it also forms partnerships with other like-minded organizations such as Every Voice. The grassroots activism organization is hoping that the projected $35 million to raised can help it becoming a more influential player in the upcoming electioneering period.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, End Citizens United has a management team made up of experienced individuals who believe in their cause. In addition to Muller, the highly experienced Jody Murphy serves as the organization’s political director. The experienced Syracuse University graduate Adam Bozzi serves as the communications director. Most members of the management team have experience working on the political campaigns of current and former leaders. This is the case for Jordan Wood and Erin Fyffe who currently serve the financial director and operations director, respectively. The management is multi-tiered.

What Is “Black Lives Matter” And Is Soros Involved?


The “Black Lives Matter” movement has received a lot of reporting in the media for the active protests that they have taken on. Perhaps this alone would be enough to cause some confusion in the minds of some people. On the other hand, there appears to be a lot of effort to make sure that the confusion is turned up to the max by certain political interests. For example, conservative media is circulating the rumor that George Soros has funding the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune of $33 million dollars.

The Daily Beast took a look at this rumor and the movement to see if there was any truth to it. They wanted to know who was behind Black Lives Matter and what that could mean about the movement itself.

What was turned up was the fact that Black Lives Matter was started by three women who are passionate about the rights of African Americans and opposed to police brutality. They have received their motivation from the numerous high profile reports of police officers shooting and killing unarmed black males.

The way that Soros got tied into this was by virtue of the fact that it is true that he is a very wealthy individual. He has a net worth in excess of $20 billion according to the Wall Street Journal. He is also known for having some liberal leaning politics, and that makes him a target for conservatives all the time.

The director of U.S. operations for the Open Society Foundation (funded by Soros) has stated that the foundation does not fund protest movements. They do provide funding for political causes in some cases, such as democratic voting rights, but a protest movement is not on the radar. It is something that is probably too hot to handle from a public relations standpoint for the foundation to want to take it on.

The same director went on to say that he believes there are a lot of people who believe that the protests were thought up in a think tank or something of the like. However, he states that this is simply not the case. The protests are organic and a reaction to recent events.

The ties that some have made may come from the fact that the Open Society Foundation has provided funds to issues that have been raised by the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the movement itself has not received any money from Soros or anything related to the man.

It is odd that such a specific amount of money has been attached to this particular rumor, but that may be a trick to make the rumor seem more realistic. Soros is a common target for rumors, so it is nice to have at least this one put to rest.