Adam Milstein and the Israeli and Jew Communities

American Israelis teach American Jews many things. Adam milstein says they are more connected to the Israeli state and are shown the Israeli culture. They are also taught the Hebrew language. Adam Milstein thinks the American Israelis can help grow the American Jews into a better community. Many Israelis came here 1948 and they stayed under the radar. Israel had completely disowned them. Jews did not want anything to do with them until they paid a fee. Now they are Jews. American Israelis are proud to be American but they are also able to help their Nation here.

Adam Milstein says they stand proud and fight back against whoever is anti-Semitism. They are working on passing the anti-BDS legislation and expose anti-Israelism in the UN. They have helped bring people together to pass the Taylor Force Act. Adam Milstein says that Israel is not perfect but it is where they come from. They will be there to help and support their country, even from the US. Everybody knows where they are coming from and they are proud of who they are. They are family.

Israel is a wedge that has many disagreements but the American Israelis still accept and support the state of Israel. They are home of pro-Israel community nationwide. The decisions in Israel should be made by their citizens.

They are not here to take over America but to be apart of it. Israelis are just trying to bring their culture to the Jew community. They are here to learn what they can and to find ways to do activities with the Jew community.

They are here to build a stronger jewish community. Staying spiritual is an asset for them. They do programs where a lot of the community nation wide come together to celebrate their holidays. They get more respect now in Israel.

Samuel Strauch: Building A Successful Real Estate Company In Florida

To Metrik Real Estate principal Samuel Strauch life is a lesson. He believes people’s path determine their growth. Strauch’s path took him to Hofstra University where he got his bachelor’s degree in business.

It also led him to Harvard University and Rotterdam’s Erasmus University to complete his studies. He then became involved in banking before joining his family in the real estate industry in South Florida. His background has played an essential role in the success he’s enjoyed. It has informed the unique vision he brings to anything with which he is involved.

Samuel Strauch started his own company in 2002. That company, Metrik Real Estate, handles real estate opportunities not only in South Florida, but also in Latin America. Part of the reason he has been successful is his ability integrate business enterprises related to the acquisition, development, management, brokerage and equity sourcing for his real estate investments through a single platform. Aside from his work in real estate, Strauch also invests in restaurants and internet-based businesses. Yet he still makes time to actively pursue his interest in art and photography.

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He got the idea for his business when he arrived in Miami and saw all the new real estate development as well as the way the city was changing from just a vacation destination to a burgeoning metropolis. He then put his investors and international clients together and started his company. He enjoys the diverse daily activities, meeting new people, developing relationships with colleagues and business partners, sharing ideas and finding new properties. An open-minded forward thinker, Samuel Strauch is always analyzing new ideas, ascertaining their viability and potential and investing resources in the good ones.

Being grateful for his blessings, curious, setting goals each day and always thinking win-win are keys to the success of Samuel Strauch.

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