JMH Development is Changing the Face of Miami Beach

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Under the leadership of its principal, Mr. Jason Halpern, JMH Development shook the entire Miami Beach real estate industry with the opening of a state-of-the-art hotel nearly two years ago. The hotel, Aloft South Beach, was constructed by the Plaza Construction Company while the architects were from ADD, Inc. The hotel has eight floors and 230 rooms, which means that it can host over 230 guests at a go. Each room has an average floor space of 40 meters squared. The hotel also has designated an area of more than 2000 sq. ft. for corporate meetings, family events, and other social gatherings. This area will also be used to host live performances from Miami’s emerging artists as well as some of the established bands in the region.

Guest’s Luxury is guaranteed

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

On top of being among the biggest hotels in and around Miami Beach, the hotel also makes headlines for its strategic location. Aloft South Beach is located at a stone-throw distance from Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal and, therefore, guests checking into the hotel will have the whole beach for themselves. The Bass Museum of Art, the Miami Beach Convention Center, Art Galleries, and prominent night clubs are all within the neighborhood of Aloft South Beach. Within the hotel premises, there is a roof deck lounge, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center all aimed at ensuring that the guests are getting maximum luxury when in the hotel.

Jason Continues to Re-use Historical Sites

Jason Halpern: with Production

Jason Halpern is known for his efforts in restoring glory in historical sights. Aloft Beach Hotel was developed on the site where the historical Motel Ankara used to occupy, which also reduced urban sprawl in Miami. Re-using a historical site is not easy and, therefore, by developing Aloft South Beach, Jason earned more respect within the real estate industry for yet again achieving what most companies are struggling to achieve.

Jason’s Involvement in Philanthropy

Jason’s Own Time

Jason has been buying medical equipment for Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The facility offers health care services to residents of Westchester, especially pregnant women and children. Neurosurgeons and other medical specialists are also available at the facility.

About JMH Development

JMH Development is a seasoned real estate company, mostly operating in Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The firm has been developing residential and commercial properties for many years.

The Upcoming 2016 Changes of New York Real Estate

The new year of 2016 has some interesting prediction for the New York real estate market. Changes in the economy will impact the changes in the real estate market. The predictions for the real estate market will affect how people buy, sell, and finance properties.

According to the original New York Daily News there are eight total predictions for the real estate market in 2016. The first prediction is in regards to the rising interest rates that will occur due to the fluctuation of prices. The second prediction is that closing a deal for property will be more difficult. The third prediction is that people who want to buy real estate will take more time to decide to close the deal. The fourth prediction is the difference in realistic, and non-realistic sellers will increase.

The fifth prediction is that location will be a huge focal point for buyers. Sixth prediction would be focused on baby boomer generation buying and selling property for family reasons. The seventh prediction would be that Brooklyn residence will want to buy more of rental buildings to increase revenue. The eighth and final prediction is the condo market will increase in growth and sales over the next year.

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