European Union’s Refugee Crisis Prompts George Soros To Reveal His Plans

Market Watch recently unveiled the plans of George Soros to handle the refugee crisis that is threatening the future of the entire European Union in an article in which he detailed how he would lead the continent through this crisis. Soros has his own history as a refugee that began with the invasion of his home country of Hungary by Nazi forces during World War II; as a Holocaust survivor George Soros made his way across Europe until he finally settled in London and completed the financial education that would eventually lead him to Wall Street.

George Soros believes the current migration problems in Europe have been building for a number of years and have been brought to a head by the ongoing conflict in Syria. The Syrian crisis on should be the starting point for the choices made by EU leaders, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel who Soros often refers to as the leader of the free world. The hedge fund billionaire believes the European Union must set specific limits on the number of refugees entering the continent, which George Soros believes should be set at around one million refugees per year.

Coupled with the limits on refugees entering the European Union George Soros believes the political group on should also use its excellent credit rating to obtain funding for a wide range of measures designed to assist refugees and protect the member states of the Union. The first step George Soros recommends is the establishment of a continent wide border and immigration control agency that could control the flow of refugees and create easy to navigate routes for refugees to move directly to their chosen destination.

George Soros has attempted to create a range of philanthropic options for the people of the world to enjoy after he developed his own fortune of over $25 billion; Soros is known for the success of his hedge fund, which achieved average growth of more than 20 percent each year for over three decades. Over the course of his career Soros has looked to use his success to help others and push forward the liberal ideals he has always stood for.

The plan revealed by George Soros would require member states of the European Union to develop a way of moving refugees around the continent in a fair way to avoid the current issues affecting Greece and Italy where a backlog of migrants is causing major problems. The use of new ways of funding the crisis would go so far as to develop payments made by the EU to provide around $17,000 each year to provide a better standard of life for refugees as they pass through the processing system. Soros believes a central fund to pay for the lives of refugees would also reduce the panic that has spread across European nations with regards to migrants claiming benefits from individual member states.