Jorge Moll: Founder of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education

Jorge Moll is the founder and the head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He currently serves as the director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics Workgroup. Jorge has a remarkable history in the field of medicine. He is a graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he pursued an MD in neuroscience and also completed his residency from the same university. He furthered his education at Sao Paulo University and acquired a Ph.D. in experimental pathophysiology.

In an exclusive interview, Jorge Moll said that he had a great dream and passion to develop international-class education, research and healthcare in his country. This he says it’s the reason as to why he came up with the D’Or Institute of Research and education. He said that he has plenty of ideas but the most difficult part he experiences is when choosing the best. To make this ideas come into reality, he chooses ideas that are easily convertible into a plan and he involves other parties to work towards a successful end.

Jorge Moll said that most of his days he attends different meetings that cover diverse topics. He speaks with several associates, researchers, students, scientist and entrepreneurs who represent a number of organizations and that’s how he keeps thing productive throughout. He also uses soft wares and other tolls such as Evernote and Trello to maintain his productivity. He added that transparency and openness are mandatory for one to be productive.

As a business man, Jorge Moll admits that he has experienced a good number of failures by either the results of what he does taking too long or failing to obtain the wanted results completely. He also advises other business men not to repeat things but always try a new way of doing things. He said that one shouldn’t hold ideas or plans for long, its either you work them out or move to the next idea immediately.

Jorge Moll is a member of several societies such as Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Organization for Human Brain Mapping, International Neuroethics society and Society for Neuroscience. He is also a committed family man and lives with his family in Rio de Janeiro.

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