Slyce.It: Visual Search Engines New edge image recognition technology just makes it easier for users to buy things they see in real life, how does this work? Just snap a picture of a billboard or printed material or scan a barcode of a product you like and this app will retrieve the most accurate results from a variety of vendors locally or worldwide.

But Slyce is not aiming for something that is already in the market, they want to be a step forward and give users a 3D interface, if its users see something they like, for example, a purse, shoes, jeans, etc, they just need to take a picture and the app will analyze all the attributes of the product (color, pattern, style, unique features) and will return the results with similar products from a catalog.

The youth nowadays is tech savvy and in need of faster and easier ways to get things done, for example some of them have issues on finding clothes either because some brands just make them too large or too small, and in-store purchases for this kind of demographics is just a thing of the past and they want to have the world in their palms and be delivered to their doorstep.

With this new image recognition technology arriving the supply and demand chain will struggle because retailer are now going to have to think several months in advance so they do not fall short of product all this triggered by a new trend which is predicted to be around for years to come.