Betterworks and Their Ability to Make Change


Betterworks is the Continuous Performance Management software employers have always needed but have never quite been able to put into words. They have created a program that allows for employees of a company to manage their work in such a way that it is monitored and reviewed, and this is meant to push them to work as hard as they are able. It has been proven to be effective in multiple areas, but specifically, Betterworks has been proven to help individuals who are trying to increase productivity within their company.

Employees are often not given all the tools they need in order to succeed, and they have always viewed this as an issue in the state of modern business. Because of this, they wanted to provide an alternative for all the businesses out there that were struggling with productivity.


It has been shown that they are able to do this, too, as they have been able to make a significant contribution to the current state of the performance management industry, and they knew that there was really only one way to do that.

They saw their avenue into the industry as being the opportunity to create a company that provides a solution to performance management; since they all had such firm beliefs about the importance of having a proper performance management setting appropriated, they decided that they might as well show the world what their vision for the future was. Betterworks is the result of years of cultivating their hard work into what it is today.

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Robert Deignan gives tips on How Omnichannel operates

Robert Deignan is the CEO and the co-starter of the ATS Digital Services. It is a support company that assists consumers globally with technological issues. He is from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. He studied a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University aided on from a scholarship in football.

He played for New York Jets and Miami Dolphins in the year 1997 and 1998. He later dropped football for a while and started Fanlink Group. This was his first business. He has also worked at Anti-Malware Software Company. At the company is where the business idea to start ATS services was incepted. With his experience in the technology world, he advises entrepreneurs on the effective use of the omnichannel.

The importance of the omnichannel is to offer a faultless encounter across all channels which your company is involved in. Most businesses have only a blog, customer support, and a Facebook page. Omnichannel provides a competitive edge as long as positioning, messaging and general familiarity is infused together across all channels. ATS Digital Services offers such channels to consumers.

Omnichannel is essential to a business as it brings with it familiarity which makes a person comfortable. Imagery, tone and messaging should be continuous such that the client can familiarize with it more likely and in turn like your company and buy more from you or inquire for your services. This also helps eliminate confusion among consumers. Displaying your company’s services and values at ease with efficiency makes it easy for the client to understand. Due to the less time according to you by your consumers because of their busy schedules, every chance you get must be utilized to its maximum thus the need to eliminate confusion.

The use of omnichannel increases consumer expectations. In instances such as technology advances, the consumer wants more of what they had been offered previously. Robert Deignan advises those businesses wanting to use omnichannel to have patience as everything takes time to gain its perfection, know their limits, good communication and being knowledgeable.

What You Should Know About Unroll Me

Your email box can get messy sometimes. That could bring about a lot of inconveniences.For example, having to scheme through throngs of email to extract some information from an email you had read earlier. At unroll.Me we take our time to help you reorganize your email. For free, you can subscribe to our services and rely on us to manage your email. If you have an issue with unwanted emails popping up every other time, we can help you eradicate such nuisance.

At unroll.Me we understand that arranging your emails in accordance with your priorities is valuable to you. we strive to achieve that on your behalf,our roll up will summarize your subscriptions for your easy access. Whenever you open your email, you can choose where to go depending on which information you want to access at a particular moment.

Unroll.Me is a service that values categorizing. The roll-up inbox we offer is designed instinctually to automatically rearrange each of your emails,and place them in their own category for your own retrieval ease. Junk can be time-consuming,it prevents you from accessing the much-needed information at the right speed. Our systems are made to ensure that you no longer waste your time scrolling through a long list of email to get to the right one.

We all love our Android devices; they make things easier. Unroll.Me provides you with one of the best Android application to help you manage the spam and junk in within your email. The best thing about this app is allowing you more convenience while reading your email on your Android device; you can do this while on the go. This application is easy to use,once you connect your email account,the Unroll.Me features can be used to unsubscribe unwanted emails. You can then roll up the rest for your everyday use in a suitable manner.

Unroll.Me knows that you value your work,most of your time at the office involves communicating through this beautiful electronic medium. That is why our products are designed to not only to make your email account elegant but also simplify it. Our system have been engineerer to understand the fundamental problems experienced while navigating through our will love the experience as you use unroll.ME

Business Owner and Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Currently, Mr Robert Deignan is the CEO and the co-founder of ATS digital services, LLC a firm that was established in August 2011. He is a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership obtained from Purdue University from 1992-1995. After graduating in 1995, Mr. Robert Deignan was focused on becoming a business owner and entrepreneur based on his first-class education.

Early Career

He established his first business Fanlink, three years after graduating. He was dedicated to this venture so that he could learn what it takes to set up a successful business. He clearly understood that this early milestone could provide an extensive experience that would lay the foundation for his future career. After working for three years with Fanlink, Mr. Robert Deignan rose to the position of the executive vice president at iS3 Inc. This software company offered outstanding services to a wide range of technical notch. All these stepping-stones provided Mr. Robert with a wealth of experience, which saw him rise to his current position.

Current Position

Through the endless culmination of various projects, Mr. Robert has been able to co-found ATS a company that can address any technical issue that you can ever imagine. This entails digital data storage, home network, or even installation services. The assortment of services offered by this firm makes it an incredible option for many technological issues. This firm has experienced experts in all required technical fields like activation, setup, and cellular repair. If you need their hand to fix your problems, they are a call away. Additionally, you can grant them remote access such that your device can be fixed in the comfort of your home. At ATS, Mr. Robert wants to ensure that their customers receive excellent services way possible. This is based on the availability of exceptional employees and reliable tools, not to mention the provision of up to date systems and upgrades.

Work Philosophy

Robert understands that technology makes life more comfortable and enjoyable. As such, anything that does not work right disheartens him. Fortunately, he learnt that restless work would surely bring a positive outcome. Therefore, together with his team of experts, he has always been able to keep afloat by working restlessly to ensure that their customers are satisfied.

The Contour Keyboard: A NewsWatch TV Review

The Contour keyboard design setups create a pain-free, more productive work environment. Thanks to a popular solution, from the RollerMouse Red keyboard, like a roller bar in the in between the wrist and keyboard area allow users to maximize typing efficiency while minimizing fingertip impact. The roller bar also provides a method of relieving undue stress that occurs when reaching for and moving a standard mouse. Additionally, Contour’s other product, the Balance keyboard, has a seven senses tracking technology that adapts to the user’s pace as work progresses. The keyboard is wireless and does not require an on/off switch thanks to a unique power saving technology. Going one more step, Contour has designed a RollerMouse Free3 keyboard that replaces the RollerMouse Red and makes the entire workstation completely wireless, making it the ultimate tool for a stress free work environment.

Newswatch TV is a half hour show that airs weekly on AMC and ION networks. Content for each episode on News Watch includes health and medical breakthroughs, product releases, fashion, travel, consumer electronic reviews, business issues, and public awareness campaigns. Celebrities to grace the News Watch screen are varied and include Julianne Moore, Dr. Oz, Phil Mickelson, Carl Lewis, and Brooklyn Decker. Additionally, well-known companies including NASCAR, Discovery Channel, and Ford have also made appearances on the show.

In 2017, Newswatch TV received a Gold and Platinum MarCom Award that honors excellence in marketing and communication professionals in the industry. Additionally, News Watch was awarded the national 2017 videographer award for excellence in half-hour programming