Rocketship Education Personalized Learning For Each Student

Rocketship Education is setting records for the advancement of education for students from all levels of society. Originally formed as a non-profit network for poorer students in lower-income neighborhoods, the unique educational system is appealing to all income levels of students.

Children learn differently in all aspects and environments. The traditional classroom setting does keep schedules accurately and moves students through a school day, but many students get lost in the learning shuffle and fall behind. Rocketship is a more friendly environment for students because they can learn at their own place and understand why.

After all knowledge by itself is useless, unless it can be applied to some useful purpose. That is why Rocketship Education is so successful. Students not only learn things, they also learn how to apply what has been learned.

Rocketship Education utilizes a concept called “Blended Learning” which takes into account the fact that all children learn differently. Some students learn conceptually, others are focused more on just facts. Some are visual learners and others need to hear things more often.

The Rocketship model of blended learning uses a traditional classroom setting for broader subjects such as concepts, broad events and forgetting the big picture. Digital learning is individualized learning taken from electronic devices such as tablets and laptops. Then individualized tutoring sessions are geared to see just where a student is in regard to specifics. Many students are either ahead or behind in their specific learning and skill sets, with the majority of the students falling somewhere in the middle.

The tutoring sessions offer the student the skills to master areas where they just aren’t exactly getting the material. Sometimes it only takes a few steps and other time it takes a little more work. But Rocketship has learned that the tutoring sessions are vital to the whole picture.

Rocketship Education is a system that includes teachers, students, parents and the community as a whole. Teachers are empowered to set objectives towards a career path that is mapped out for them on a daily basis. Parents are encouraged to get involved in their student’s education and become leaders from that standpoint. When everyone has a vested interest in the outcome, the outcome gets much better.