Costa Rica Defeats Venezuela In Exciting Match

In a match leading up to the Copa America Centenario friendly, Costa Rica proved victorious against the always tough, Venezuela. Many American viewers are watching these games to gauge the competition the United States men’s national soccer team will face south of the border. More information can be found at Your text to link… in which the facebook trending article details the projected results of this recent pre-tournament friendly soccer match. All of the speculation aside, the recent game was exciting to say the least, with an intense opening filled with strong offense from both teams has fans on their feet. To begin with, powerful Venezuelan striker Salomon Rondon introduced a vicious pace, scoring a point just moments into the game. Unfortunately for Venezuela, Costa Rican player Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa passed the ball to Cristian Gamboa tied the game ten minutes afterwards. For a while, the two teams played a war of attrition, demonstrating excellent defensive skills. At around the fifty-five minute mark, Costa Rica sealed the deal, when Ariel Rodriguez scored a point Venezuela couldn’t recover from. The United States men’s national soccer team has their work cut out for them. Costa Rica has shown they are a force to be dealt with following this victory. Despite the victory, some analysts have speculated that the United States team is better off facing Costa Rica than Venezuela, stylistically. Nonetheless there looks to be a series of exciting games coming down the road.