Waiakea: Friendly For The Body And The Environment

Water companies have a lot of issues that they have to address. For one thing, they have to look at the type of water they are presenting to the customers. Most water companies offer people water that is not the healthiest. At the same time, they are not friendly with the environment. The packaging that they use for water is not the best when it comes to the environment. Therefore, people are losing out when they are doing business with almost any given water company. Fortunately, Waiakea is around. This is the water company that is operating with consciousness towards how it is treating people and the environment.

For people, Waiakea strives to increase their health through the water they offer. One thing that they notice is that a lot of the water that is offered by water companies are acidic. At the same time, it does not have any electrolytes. Therefore, people who try to replenish their fluids wind up losing some of the electrolytes that they’ve been trying to replenish as well. With their being a deficiency in electrolytes, people will experience some kind of issue with their bodies. They won’t be able to do as much.

With the environment, Waiakea is working on the the bottles they are using to package the water. The new bottles they are using are biodegradable. They are not going to last as long as the typical bottle which is designed to last 1,000 years. The current bottles are only good for 15 years. This is one of the ways that it is good for the environment. Another good thing is that all of the bottles that get thrown out into the ocean are going to dissolve more quickly than the other bottles. The only thing is that the environment has to be cleaned of all of the plastic bottles that are left over.


Waiakea Introduces New Bottled Water Service

The Waiakea water company, the leading producer of volcanic water in North America, has recently implemented a new bottled water service in an effort to create simple and manageable options for consumers of the company’s volcanic water.

Representatives of Waiakea Spring, Waiakea’s distribution company, stated that the shift to water delivery services has been in the works for several years and the company has recently reached a profit level where the move would be considered a fiscally responsible one.

Specialty Foods said that Waiakea water executives have participated in several local interviews to discuss the new service and the benefits it will provide to consumers. During one such interview, executives stated that the bottled water delivery service will offer consumers the a flexibility that they may be unable to attain through the purchase of other high end bottled waters, the security of knowing where their water came from, and the peace of knowing that they are supporting an American-made sustainable water source.

Flexibility Offered Through Water Delivery Service

According to Crunchbase, Waiakea water executives were happy to announce the launch of the company’s new delivery service because of the potential impact the announcement would have on customers. Executives stated that the company’s goal was to provide sustainable and beneficial water in a manner that was simple and easy for clients access.

With the development of the water delivery service, Waiakea water can finally complete this goal. No longer will customers have to visit local health food stores which may be inconvenient to the area in which they live. Now, Waiakea customers have the benefit of traveling no further than their front door to receive unique, mineral-rich volcanic water. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.instagram.com/waiakea/?hl=en

Security Offered Through Delivery Service

Waiakea executives were also thrilled to discuss the new level of security they are able to provide the company’s customers with the implementation of the delivery system. When customers receive a package of water from Waiakea, they exact origin and history of the water is carefully included in order. This allows customers to rest assured that are receiving the product that they purchased.

Supporting Consumer’s Peace of Mind

The executives at Waiakea believe that their customers should have peace of mind regarding the type of water they ingest. For this reason, Waiakea water keeps an open policy which allows customers to ask questions about the source and sustentation of the water systems at the company.

Executives closed the local interview by stating that Waiakea is scheduled to reveal more exciting programs in coming months.