Let’s Improvise

Every new company goes through its own trials and tribulations. There will be individuals who like what the company has to offer and will provide positive feedback, and there will be individuals who are not happy with the services provided and ridicule everything about the company.

Sometimes, with a new and upcoming company the cost for the product cannot be as low as the customer would like for it to be; however, in some cases, and as with White Shark Media Complaints team, they diligently work to make sure that their customers are satisfied and that their company business strategies and techniques are staying concurrent with other AdWord competitors.

Google’s premier AdWord partners, White Shark Media, has strived to ensure the best business opportunity possible for its customers. This digital agency was founded by three Danish Entrepreneurs in 2011, and was quickly recognized in North America as one of the fastest growing companies of its kind.

Its goal was to take over all of the small and mid-sized businesses in the United States and Latin America, by offering a great product and excellent customer service.

Unfortunately, White Shark Media had to work through some issues that new and uprising companies face and had to remediate some problems that they had originally promised to their clientele through the years, they have corrected all of the complaints that have surfaced on behalf of their customers.

Some of these issues involved communication between the agency and the clients, dislike of new campaign features, features to campaigns that customers wish existed i.e., search engine options, and customers were not able to track the AdWords performance.

They currently have a viable solution for all of their complaints. When it comes to communication with the company, the customer is in direct contact with a Senior Search Engine Marketing Strategist for their duration with the company and is afforded monthly calls to review accounts.

For customers who have a dislike of new campaign features, there is access to existing features and campaigns, and even though the company has yet to offer search engine services, they are more than glad to help with finding a reputable company who does. So, all in all, when something doesn’t go right, fix it. Give it a chance, and let it show how amazing it can be.

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