Enjoy Napa Valley Wine at Any Time, Just Like a Wine Guide

If you love wine and helping other wine enthusiasts enjoy wine, becoming a Wine Guide could be a great career move for you. Wine Guides set their own schedule and hours and see great financial success. Traveling Vineyards is always accepting new Wine Guides and they only require that you are a motivated person who enjoys wines and wants to become financially successful.

Many people think they have to be wine gurus to become a Wine Guide. That is not the case, as each Wine Guide is provided with a full Sommology Kit upon joining.

The Sommology Kit contains everything you need to know about each individual wine as well as recommendations on how to create a perfect pairing. Traveling Vineyard wants its Wine Guides to be educated and knowledgeable about their wines, but not to come off as pretentious. For that reason, they also provide a Success Kit that has everything Wine Guides need to host a successful tasting.

The success kits hold Tasting Sets, Tasting Glasses and a gorgeous carrying box for the perfect presentation of your wines at your tasting events. They also provide all the marketing materials and sales tools you need to make your business a success.

When you become a Wine Guide you also have a new outlook on enjoying wonderful Napa Valley wines. You will literally always have access to the best wines and the best prices and enjoying a glass of wonderful Napa Valley wine no longer needs to wait for a special occasion. Any Tuesday evening is the perfect evening for a delicious glass of this exquisite wine.

For example, a recent article even detailed how Wine Guides experience Napa Valley differently. They enjoy the many sites that may not have to do with wine because they don’t have to rush to taste each one in a weekend. There is a lot more to Napa Valley than vineyards. For example, Wine Guides take time to hike in state parks or take a wonderful spa day complete with hot springs and outdoor yoga. Wine Guides visit art exhibits and history museums and take in all the beautiful landscape that the Napa Valley region has to offer.

Napa Valley is an incredible place and it can’t be overstated how wonderful the grapes grown there make the wine. Yet, there’s also wonderful dining, much of it sourced locally in a farm to table style. So, the next time you visit Napa Valley, do it like a Wine Guide!

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How Much Can You Earn With Traveling Vineyard?

Are you looking for a way to make extra cash easily and fast? If you have a knack for direct sales, there could be a way to accomplishing all of that. The Traveling Vineyard is a company who can help get you to a new level of financial freedom because they can open doors for you where you can make more money the more time you put in. There are some great opportunities in the company like getting the chance to make money from other people and getting a cut of their sales if you’re the one who refers them into the company.

Traveling Vineyard loves to reward their sellers every single week. They payout about three times a week, and they enjoy specifically setting aside time to ensure that sellers get exactly what they need in order to grow efficiently and make the money they want.

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You receive tools, resources, and marketing materials so you can have successful wine tasting events and other fun ways to make good money. The Traveling Vineyard puts in a lot of time striving towards providing their sellers with information and knowledge to make sales because the company won’t grow unless they have the wine guides selling their wine as best as they could. There are also great events to help get sellers motivated and learning from the others in this industry. You can earn $80-$100 from a single wine tasting event, and it can go higher if you are lucky and put in the work.

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The Most Elegant Wine of France

France is a highly esteemed country where wine production is a respected trade, and it is approached as a work of art. French wine is very complex in nature. Many types of French wine and champagne can be found and purchased in the online retailer UKV PLC.

UKV PLC is a retailer that is based in the UK. The store sells fine wine, champagne and accessories to complete the experience of the high priced drinks. UKV PLC sports a knowledgeable team of experts that assist the clients who want to purchase from UKV PLC. Some of the most esteemed kinds of wine can be found at the online store as UKV PLC sources many classic drinks.

Every French region produces wine. Several districts are better known such as the Loire, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Burgundy regions. The region of Loire produces a few different wines depending on the part. It creates Chanin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadet.

The region of Burgundy is the producer of one of the most expensive wines – Côte de Beaune Chardonnay. It is also a producer of both red and white wines such as varieties of Pinot Noir and Burgundy made of chardonnay grapes.

The region of Champagne is the producer of the real champagne. The method is double fermentation – a traditional method that is widely utilised today although some winemakers do not use it anymore.

The Bordeaux is a producer of its own kind of wine with is a blend of several other types such as Muscadet, UKV PLC Chanin Blanc and more.

Famous Wine Merchant Goes Worldwide

The Antique Wine Company is a leading source of fine and rare wines. From its founding in London, in 1982, Robert Williams has guided his enterprise into a global niche position in fine wines. It holds a leading position in an expanding international market for rare and fine wines. Three areas of extraordinary leadership and growth are rare and fine wines, wine education and culture, and wine presentation and storage.

According to founder Stephen Williams to The Sunday Times, rare and fine wines are the main endeavor of the company. It began as a unique participant in the European rare wines niche by acquiring historic and treasured labels and rare auction items. The company established a leading role as a source of the world’s fine and rare wines. While it continues to purchase, source, and sell historic vintages, the company also creates markets for current vintages of fine wines. These may become the treasured and rare wines of future generations. Through its global market research, the company assesses leading producers from every wine growing region. They include old European estates from the traditional wine growing regions in Amsterdam, Italy, France and Germany. They also include new world sources in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The company investigates the best from every developed and emerging market, and it offers an unparalleled level of sophistication and service to its customers.

The company bases education programs in the wine academy which offers short and longer term programs to introduce consumers to the extensive knowledge base. Wine education includes the history and the elements of creating fine wines. One can choose a wine event as a corporate or other business or social function that will combine tasting with wine appreciation. Bringing together experts and eager learners, the academy can provide a range of programs. From master level education to hosting successful private events, people of all interest levels and needs can find solutions in the wine academy. It offers annual events such as the Annual Pinnacle Tasting and Gourmet Dinner and special sessions like the Vintage Fortunes 2015 featuring the founder, Stephen Williams.

Wine cellars have become central features in home design aimed at revealing the wine treasures for viewing and consuming pleasure. Wine rooms can be bold, bright, technologically advanced, and integrated into furnishings and entertainment centers. Some exceptional examples include manor and estate scale rooms that house thousands of bottles and display them with customized layouts.