Desiree Perez is Killing it

Desiree Perez

Recently, Desiree Perez was pictured attending a private dinner that was hosted by Jaz-Z. The dinner was through Roc Nation, which is a company that connects certain recording companies to singers and songwriters who can display their skills and represent Roc Nation. The company is very well known and operates on a very large scale all across the globe.

Now the question might come up about who Desiree Perez is, and to answer that question in a short couple of sentences, she is the chief operating officer for the company Roc Nation. This may come as a surprise to many people who are not familiar with who she is or have never heard of her before. Not too many people would know the chief operating officer of a large music company anyway.

Desiree Perez

To celebrate what Desiree Perez and many others on the Roc Nation line have done for him, Jay-Z hosted a private dinner to thank everybody for all of their hard work over time. The members were taken to a private room, allowing them to get away from the chaos of the public.

It is easy to see how somebody like Desiree Perez may be overlooked through the publics eyes, but she plays a major role in the success of many talented people. She also allowed Roc Nation to grow worldwide and create a lasting impression in many people’s lives. A lot of people say the company wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is without her in control.

Desiree Perez

Doe Deere; Creative Entrepreneur Designs Jewelry Line, Poppy Angeloff, After Years Of Success With Lime Crime

Meet Doe Deere.

Perhaps you have heard of the bold cosmetic line Lime Crime, which has taken the industry by storm. The remarkable founder, Doe Deere and her husband have made a statement in cosmetics. The vibrant colors available are unlike any others prior to the launch of Lime Crime. Doe Deere became the face of the brand, modeling her line of unique, vegan, and animal friendly cosmetics. Boldly commanding that young women be proud to make a statement and be themselves. After successfully running the company for ten years, Doe Deere sold Lime Crime and in her true entrepreneurial manner, created Poppy Angeloff.

What is Poppy Angeloff?

Poppy Angeloff is a jewelry line as bold and unique as Lime Crime, with a notable flair and Victorian era inspiry. For Doe Deere, shaking things up in fashion is just who she is. She has made a name for herself in business, but she is driven by being a unique, fashion-forward trend setter with the finesse that you won’t soon forget.

A colorful love story.

For Doe Deere, it started when she and her husband, Mark Dumbleton, played in a band together. Unable to afford pricey models, she volunteered to display the bold look they were looking for. Bright colors and shocking glitter lit up her face and soon she was inspired to share the experience with other young women. She realized that many others would appreciate the ability to make a fun statement with their makeup that highlighted their own creativity and individuality.

The world is her canvas.

The creativity continued, with equally compelling fashion jewelry in Poppy Angeloff. This unique jewelry line mirrors the vivacious trend that Doe Deere began with her cosmetics. Fun, beautiful and sassy jewelry that is sure to be eye-catching. Doe Deere is a master of color, and she does not disappoint in Poppy Angeloff Jewelry. Her creativity is seemingly boundless, and wedded duo plans on expanding the company to be as show-stopping as their cosmetics.

Passion and purpose.

For Doe Deere, color makes all of the difference. She is passionate about her brand, and loves all things in color. She believes that being passionate about your dreams, and your business will keep you moving forward. Doe Deere loves color, and it shows in her creations. She firmly believes that color makes people happy, and Doe Deere plans to continue making people smile with her unique style in vibrant color.

Doe Deere, The American Dreamer

Doe Deere is a Russian born immigrant who came to America at an early age in hopes of pursuing her “American Dream”. She began her journey in New York City with her mother and younger sister at the age of 17. They quickly learned that even though they had a strong will to work, coming to America with little money just wouldn’t work. This article is going to give you a little look into their start and Deere’s rise to the top.

Soon after coming to America, Doe Deere and her family ended up in a homeless shelter where they stayed for around six months. During her stay here, aside from working, she began to draw sketches of fashion designs. A social worker was introduced to her and her mother. This worker helped her mother to get a steady job as an accountant. They also helped Deere get into a fashion designing school. Soon after, they were able to move out of the homeless shelter and into an apartment.

Doe Deere still had bigger dreams for herself though. She wanted to become an entrepreneur. She continued to work hard and save as much money as she could. She was soon able to start her own makeup line, Lime Crime. Lime Crime has become very successful over the past few years. Started in 2008, Lime Crime now employs 35 people in Los Angeles.

Doe Deere has worked extremely hard over the past 20 years to build her successful business, and is now living her “American Dream”. She has a beautiful house, life, and family. Although she says she would never wish the hard times she went through on anyone, she says that without them she would not be where she is today. The hard times taught her to push through and be strong. Deere is proof that no matter what you come from, anyone can become successful.

The story of a great (business)woman, Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born in a middle class Sri Lankan family in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. She went on to grow up in Australia, and then move to America with just $200 to her name when she was only 19 years old.


While she was studying at Stanford she was living with her former husband in an apartment by the railway tracks, and still remembers the noise that each passing train would make. Hardships like these are what later helped her be capable of achieving great things, as she became an even stronger woman.


I found out that she began her career by making investments around the globe. Unfortunately, she had to deal with corruption from people in her area, which led to her losing a lot of money and time.


She didn’t let that hold her back though. As this Huffington Post article says, she went on to start another enterprise, and despite challenges, she never gave up.


She continued fighting, and it has now all paid off. She’s one of the world’s top owners of large scale resources such as real estate, rice fields and energy companies. She has also invested in many companies, starting in the 90s, like Paypal and Sycamore Networks, as well as Netscreen Technologies – decisions which have certainly paid off in the long run.


Something I noticed about Saba is that she really knows where to put her money. She says that the commodity market is her favorite place to invest, because the high risk yields big returns.


I also find her philanthropic work really interesting. She’s devoted to helping women around the world and founded Stree: Global Investments in Women – a charity that helps women around the world, especially those who come from low-income areas. She is really devoted not only to her own success, but to helping other women reach their goals as well.


Another thing that is interesting about her is that even though she’s so successful in her career, she puts her family first and takes care of her child personally, rather than hiring nannies or babysitters, as many people in her position would do.


At the end of the day, I think that Malini Saba is not only one of the greatest businesswomen in the world, but also a great woman who helps others like her become successful as well. She’s not only powerful and intelligent, but caring and kind, and could serve as an inspiration to the rest of us.