Clinical Pathways: Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Patient Centered Technology

In the ever evolving reality of electronic medical records, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up NantHealth and Allscripts to create the Clinical Pathways program. Clinical Pathways integrates NantHealth’s clinical support technology, eviti with Allscripts’ electronic health record. The data is built based on the information of hundreds of oncologists all over the USA.

Clinician guesswork is now a relic of the past. The technology narrows down all possible treatment options with a fusion of the most recent research and treatment regiments.

Clinical Pathways allows for patients to build custom treatment regiments. Utilizing state of the art technology, comparisons between treatment options, the cost of delivery, and order entry are all available in a safe manner for the patient. Users have access to evidence-based clinical information tailored to maximize their quality of life. Clinical Pathways’ platform has up to date information on guidelines, response rates, toxicity, and negative side effects.

This platform allows patients and healthcare providers to maximize transparency with therapy and care while reducing variability in the received by patients. Thus creating a more efficient system. Clinical Pathways also expedites insurance approval.

The Evidence-Based Medical Library has over 2700 treatment regiments. The data is of the highest caliber comprising peer-reviewed studies, data from government agencies and is maintained by oncologists and oncology nurses.

About Canter Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 as a network of five hospitals that specializes in cancer treatment. Based out of Boca Raton, their treatment helps patients cope with side effects such as nausea, malnutrition, depression and anxiety.

The five locations are all over the USA spanning from the South, Southwest, Midwest and Northeast. They have been awarded 5-star quality ratings by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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