EOS Lip Balms: Giving the Competition a Run for their Money

You’re out on the town and your friend pulls out this plastic ball from her purse. What on earth is that thing? Have no fear, it’s EOS lip balm. Standing for Evolution of Smooth, this somewhat of a newcomer to the market is revolutionizing beauty everywhere. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, that’s a perfectly normal reaction. The difference between EOS and other lip balms isn’t only a unique design, it’s about superior ingredients. For more of EOS, click this.

Natural beauty wonders like shea butter and jojoba oil make your lips visibly moist and smooth. Chapped lips will no longer be a concern, even in harsh winter weather. The hypoallergenic ingredients and hygienic twist design mean you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions or introducing new bacteria to your face by touching the pot then your lips. The ingredients are also all natural and gluten free. Suitable for any skin type, they also don’t contain any phosphates. You’ll never have to be concerned with putting anything unusual on your lips with a product like EOS.

As you’ve probably already guessed, such a cool lip balm probably comes in some great flavors as well. The “standard” line of their lip balm flavors is as exciting as the unique colorful design of the packaging. Check this on walmart.ca.  New flavor ideas are always being considered, however, these are the current choices:

  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Sweet mint
  • Summer fruit
  • Blueberry acai
  • Lemon drop

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the Evolution of Smooth, you’ll probably want to pick up a few eggs. You’ll find them through either the company’s website at evolutionofsmooth.com or at your favorite retailer. Online, you’ll find many other products in their lineup as well, not mentioned here. With such a huge variety and a great design, EOS gives other lip balms a run for their money

More about EOS on https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/press#

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