Finding Strawberry Flavored Lip Balms

I decided to sample and compare some of the Strawberry lip alms in the market in order to see which flavor fit my tastes best. I wasn’t going to perform a true comparison of every brand but rather to just pick up them one by one and use them until they ran out and until I found the right strawberry balm for me.

I started with the Chapstick strawberry flavor, which can be a bit hard to find. I was able to track it down and at first I enjoyed applying it, particularly when compared to its rougher flavored Cherry companion. After a few applications I found myself needing to continue to apply it and came to strongly dislike the artificial aftertaste that it left on my lips. While it works, it leaves a lot to be desired.

I next turned to Strawberry sorbet which is sold by EOS. For those of y who haven’t tried EOS it is a relatively new brand that is sourced from organic and natural ingredients. EOS does not use additives and artificial ingredients which has a real impact on the flavor of the lip balm. Unlike Chapstick’s strawberry flavor, EOS’ strawberry sorbet lip balm did not leave this fake residue on my lips.  Visit for products’details.

Further, the flavor of the EOS strawberry sorbet was magnificent. It was reminiscent of fresh strawberries from a garden and not those mass-produced ones either. The flavor was powerful but tasted fresh and refreshing to apply. Strawberry sorbet was enjoyable to apply and allowed for this thick and luscious application of lip balm. While there was a strong flavor, it wasn’t overpowering and nauseatingly flavored and could be applied repeatedly throughout the day without becoming sick of it. Further, the EOS strawberry sorbet flavored lip balm was of notable high quality and lasted longer than the Chapstick option.   Check on for details.

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Would highly recommend the EOS strawberry sorbet lip balm for both its flavor and quality.

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