Greg Finch Can Fix Your Bones

Greg Finch is an individual who is well-known as an orthopedic surgeon. Finch is a member of the North American Spine Society, and he is also a fellow at the Australian Orthopedic Association. Finch is Australian born, and he was trained at the Auckland Medical School. Finch graduated from medical school in 2001, and he is an individual who is very well-known when it comes to orthopedic surgery. Finch’s experience is very unique when it comes to orthopedic surgery because he has dedicated a very large part of his medical career to minimally invasive surgeries.


Finch is an expert when it comes to different orthopedic surgeries, and he is a specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery. Spinal surgeries are some of the most needed surgeries in the world. Many individuals who suffer from neck and back pain become unemployed because of the excruciating pain that these problems can cause. Apart from that, spinal surgery can be very hard on the body, and up until a few years ago, invasive surgery was the standard procedure. Greg Finch is an individual who cares about the life and well-being of his patients, and that is why he decided to specialize in minimally invasive surgeries. These are surgeries that are have a much quicker recovery rate, and they also quickly alleviate the pain and suffering of the individuals who have back pain.


Orthopedic surgeons work on tendons, joints, bones and muscles. A very well-known orthopedic surgery is a hip replacement. A hip replacement is a surgery that helps relieve arthritis pain and different breaks that occur to the hip. The hip is usually replaced with an implant, and recovery from this surgery can take anywhere from weeks to months.


An ACL reconstruction is also a very common surgery. This is when a surgeon removes torn ligaments in the ACL, and he or she uses tissue from a different organ or from a donor. This tissue will start to replace the old tissue and the injury can be healed.


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