How Cassio Audi Became a Major BusinessMan

Brazil most popular businessman and talented music strategic individual have had a huge impact on Brazil for years. This creative individual is known as Cassio Audi. Uniquely, he mastered how to conduct business with individuals while keeping his music dream alive at the same time. Audi gained all of his financial management and investment skills by attending the University of Pontifical Catholic where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and also received his Masters in Business Administration at Sao Paul University. His education motivated him to encourage other individuals how to overcome the economic crisis that was occurring in Brazil at the time by investing their money to make even more money. His strategic financial investment plan helped hundreds of individuals better there finances. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.


Cassio Audi created empowering groups within the communities of Brazil to elevate the financial crisis that was causing individuals to live unhappily. His plans included Economic Empowerment and Investment Revenues. With economic empowerment, he taught group members how to invest their money to make profit. By using their skills and talents that they possessed, the investors were encouraged to sell their creative skills to make money. The empowerment programs made everyone feel better about their financial situations and caused economic improvement in Brazil.


On the other hand, involving investment revenues, he created a variety of channel platform to invest on such as investing in stocks, shares, real estate, and savings account. As a result, Cassio built trust with his clients because they were receiving returns on their investments. Nevertheless, Audi has opened up many businesses that have had major impact on many individuals. He ensures customer satisfaction by working with clients individually so he can maintain his positive image within his brand. While working with individuals personally, satisfaction strategists have increased. Read more about Cassio Audi at


How Cassio Audi Became a Businessman


Before Audi became the experienced businessman he is today, he was a talented musician in Brazil. IN 1985, Cassio Audi started a music band called “Viper” that consisted of five teenagers. Audi played the drums and he helped the band gain success within Brazil because of the mixing of classical and metal music. The uniqueness of the music is what made the band so popular in Brazil. After many years of the creation of the band, Audi gave it a rest and decided to further his career as a businessman by attending the university Pontifical University in 1989. Still being a successful businessman, Audi implements his music while teaching about investing on his YouTube channel. He has an understanding that people can enjoy music and sustain financial success altogether.


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