How NGP VAN has helped bring light to the eyes of politicians during campaigns

NGP VAN is a database or a web that is used by the Democratic campaigns, democratic parties, and other non-profit organizations. It is used for fundraising, storytelling by the candidates or reaching out to the voters. The company was started some years back, and up to today, it has been used by a significant number of candidates especially presidential candidates in the United States f America and other countries.

NGP VAN has some products that are used by the democratic parties and the campaigns. For example, the Minivan which is more or the same like a mobile canvassing program that is used by the campaigns to reach out to their voters t collect the necessary data from them which is then feeding the information t the EveryAction database. This has brought a significant advantage because it reduces the paperwork and the time that would be used to go from door to door collecting information from the voters.

Another product provided by the NGP VAN is the Votebuilder software system. This is used to access the information of the potential, and in this case, the campaigns can know the potential number of voters, and still, they are also able to identify the voters that need to be persuaded to support them. This eliminates the disadvantages in the door to door canvassing where the conversers have no idea about the mind of the voters they are going to talk to which is sometimes tiresome, and it may not bear any tangible fruits.

NGP VAN also has an Innovation Platform that allows other software developers or engineers to write programs for it. Some f these programs include self-service online advertising, live calls, do-it-yourself direct emails among others.

The company has helped to increase efficiency during campaigns which is something that has become appreciated by many politicians. For example, the company interviewed with one of the politicians Yash Mori who demonstrated the importance of digital storytelling by the politicians. He says that this type of digital organizing is one of the most effective ways that enables one to capture a large number of population. But, first, before getting in front of the cameras, the candidate or the politician has to first listen to the community and learn about their values and ethics so that when it comes to storytelling they will be able to tell a story that is conversant with the community cultural values and that they will enjoy to ;listen. This is one of the best ways to capture the attention of the people which is one challenge that most of the politicians go through during their campaigns.

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