How Oren Frank Uses Technology in Online Psychotherapy

Oren Frank established Talkspace Company to provide online as well as mobile psychotherapy. The company has made therapy services readily available to the general public. Though Talkspace company, people can access therapy services at any time using their mobile phones internationally. Under the management of Oren Frank, the Talkspace Company has solved the health conditions of millions of patients. The company is well focused on giving effective as well as improved services to those in need of health services globally. The company’s president believes that technology, when implemented well, has as to change the way of living of people. That is why he uses technology to make therapy services available and easily accessible to people for a minimal cost.

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Oren Frank believes in teamwork in generating new ideas to nourish his business. Through collaboration, people can share ideas and filter out the best ones to implement for the smooth running of a business. He utilizes his colleagues as sometimes it becomes hard and challenging to evaluate and analyses the best ideas which can have a positive impact on a business. Before joining Talkspace, Oren Frank was working as a senior marketing officer at McCann Erickson Company. During his time as top marketing officer, he demonstrated high skills and creativity in all his marketing operations worldwide.

Moderation is the key attribute which keeps Oren Frank productive in business. With many cultures available in various industries, he recommends his team members to utilize the specific culture of the organizations they are operating. Implementing multiple cultures in a particular business may interfere with business operations. Frank adds that the actions of a company are controlled by the culture of that organization.

Finally, Oren Frank recommends people to seek the use of technology in aspects such as in solving spanning issues of corruption which is currently facing many nations.

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