Jacob Gottlieb to make a comeback in healthcare investment

Jacob Gottlieb is an investment titan in the healthcare sector. He was the founder of Visium Asset management that closed doors in 2016. At the time of halting its operations, it was worth over $8 billion. Gottlieb had started the fund with $300 million which he quickly grew despite the challenges posed by the global financial crisis.

Jacob Gottlieb, however, did not abandon Visium immediately. He was left clearing the funds that the fund owed to investors. As he cleared the funds, he created another fund known as Altium, Capital. The decision to start Altium, another hedge fund like Visium came as a way of building his business life again after the debacle with Visium.

With the experience that Jacob Gottlieb has healthcare investments, it is not going to be a huge task creating an equally successful company like Visium. Already Altium has secured some deals with players in the healthcare sector.

Gottlieb has secured an investment with Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. he has secured 6.61 percent stake in the company. Oramed is the creator of a technology that is going to transform the way medical treatments are administered. Oramed has released an oral insulin capsule which will replace the inject insulin. This is going to be the first of such treatment.

The treatment method from Oramed is going to bring reprieve to diabetic patients and others undergoing protein-based medical therapies.

Jacob Gottlieb is also expected to team up with Stuart Weisbrod, the co-founder of Merlin BioMed Corp. Gottlieb was working for Merlin between 1999 and 2007. Weisbrod hired him due to his expertise in healthcare sector investments. Gottlieb was trained in both medicine and economics and therefore was the right professional to hire for a healthcare sector hedge fund.

Jacob Gottlieb helped Merlin return 100 percent capital during the biotechnology revolution of 1999. He also helped the company to attract more clients which included pension funds and high net worth individuals. Until 2007, Merlin recorded impressive results, but it still closed doors. Gottlieb and Weisbrod went separate ways, each establishing own fund.

Now, rumors of Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod coming together is going to shake up the healthcare industry.

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