James Dondero is an Example of Professional and Philanthropic Excellence

James Dondero’s success means success for the Dallas area. Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, uses his blessings to bless the people of Dallas. He has built a rock solid career through hard work and dedication and is dedicated to giving others the best chance to succeed for themselves.

James Dondero’s success began in 1984 when he in the Morgan Guaranty training program. It was in the same year that he graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He then moved to a successful stint at American Express as a corporate bond analysis. From there he went to Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary which soared to a $2 billion dollars under his leadership.

Dondero’s next venture is his most successful one. He co-founded Highland Capital Management which offers a suite of products that aid investors. Highland manages over 14.9 billion in assets and specializes in credit strategies, collateralized loan obligations (CLO).

Like most great men James Dondero realizes that success is meaningless if it is not shared. His philanthropic efforts are impressive. He, and Highland Capital Management have supported numerous Dallas area charities.

The Family Place
James Dondero announced that Highland bestowed a $1million donation on the Family Place.
The Family Place efforts to empower victims of family violence by providing resources to keep them safe and help them recover.

Dallas Zoo
Highland also donated $1 million dollars to build a new Hippo Habitat at the Dallas zoo. The exhibit helps protect the beautiful animals and brings the beloved Hippos back to the Dallas Zoo.

Education is Freedom
Highland also supports the Education is Freedom organization. They make it possible for at-risk children to attend college. They also provide mentoring, test preparation, and professional development skills.

Highland Capital Management, and its founder James Dondero, commit themselves to excellence. Their management strategies help investors get more from their money. Their philanthropic efforts illustrate their commitment to helping the Dallas area and the world at large.

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