Life Line Screening offers a broad range of non-invasive and safe procedures to detect any risk factors

Life Line Screening (LLS) under the leadership of Andrew Manganaro is the largest company in America dealing with associated vascular diseases. He is the CEO of this endeavor whose interest in it commencing came about from his experience as cardiovascular surgeon. During his practice, Dr. Andy expressed his experience with so many tragic losses due to cases of diseases that can easily be detected before they erupt to tragedy. This experience moved him to begin life line screening services. The company gives people an opportunity to identify and handle these diseases.

The company since 1996 has screened over eight million individuals. Life Line Screening certified physicians who review every ultrasound to ensure every ultrasound has accurate readings and testing the results is part of what they do. The physicians are under Dr. Andy who makes sure all protocols are observed to the letter. Life line screening compared to regular checkups according to him is the algorithm they use which is flexible to each patient’s suitability. This system takes into account the age of the person, high blood pressure, diabetes, and most of all family history.

LLS offers a broad range of non-invasive and safe procedures to detect risk factors and likelihood to develop any cardiovascular issue. The tests include ultrasounds which are of the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta, and measuring the ankle brachial index all these procedures conducted to detect peripheral vascular diseases. EKG screenings to detect stroke and other screenings for osteoporosis. Blood tests are offered to aid in identifying broad range of cardiovascular issued before they symptoms appear in the patient. So, LLS conclusively provides Ultrasounds, Blood tests, and EKG screenings.

Dr. Andy Manganaro in a recent interview said that the company is working on new screenings with the goal of enhancing patients’ quality of life. They have recently added selections which are focused on the health and functioning of the lungs, more so, a targeted program to help those with type two diabetes has commenced.

Life line Screening through partnerships has been able to reach millions and is continuing with researchers to enhance screening to reach more people and prevent more issues that creep slowly into the human body to learn more: click here.

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