OG Juan’s Birthday Party

A growing number of people are learning more about Jay-Z and his inner circle as he branches out into other business entities. One person that continues to surface over over and again is Juan Perez. He has become someone that has been mentioned in multiple raps by Jay-Z. He has also gained the spotlight because his wife, Desiree Perez is a big part of the circle of influence that Jay-Z has. She has helped him with Tidal, and Juan appears to be one of Jay-Z’s closest allies.

What Jay-Z has shown over the years is that he appreciates loyalty. In a recent outing with friend Juan Perez Jay-Z spent $100,000 for birthday party. For someone to spend this amount of money on a party would seem reasonable if they were a celebrity that invited tons of guest. The thing that is getting a lot of buzz on social media is the fact that there were only 9 people present for this hundred-thousand-dollar birthday party.

It shows that Jay-Z is very interested in keeping the people around him happy. It shows that he appreciates his friends, and a night out on the town with Jay-Z can easily lead to big celebration where expensive bottles of champagne are being popped along with extravagant dinners.

Juan Perez is ultimately showing people that there is a payoff that comes with being a loyal friend. Jay-Z did not have to do this. Juan Perez may even be in a position where he is more than financially secure when it comes to his own money. It was just a token of appreciation that was shown, and it is a sure-fire sign that Jay-Z is someone that actually spends and lives in the same way that he rhymes about in the large majority of songs.

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