Omar Boraie Makes a City Great Again

I cannot blame my fellow Americans for pointing at the top one percent of our country and proclaiming that the reason they all got there was that they destroyed far too many little people along the way. When you see people like Donald Trump, who has made most of his money by declaring bankruptcy, then you have to wonder what the rest of them are doing. However, there is one man by the name of Omar Boraie who shows that there are some in the 1% who are tenderhearted people and long to transform our country for the better.

Sam Boraie has been working through his own corporation, the Boraie Development LLC, to help revive and restore the city of New Brunswick. He began this adventure by seeing to it that the families who remained in New Brunswick were cared for and provided quality time with one another. Omar Boraie contacted the New Jersey Stage Theater to arrange a way to give families seven free movie nights to spend with one another. Omar Boraie bankrolled the entire thing, and over 7500 people would attend one of these movie nights. Check out press of atlantic city to know more.

Omar Boraie would continue working within the city to help it become the glorified entity he knew it could be.

According to press of atlantic city, Omar has invested 150 million of his own personal dollars to begin attracting businesses to New Brunswick. He knows that if he can get business professionals to become residents of his city that jobs will follow and create a booming economy.

One way that he began attracting business professionals to his city was by building two class A office buildings that were styled after those of New York City. These are perfect places for counselors, doctors, surgeons, and engineers.

These professionals need office space but lack the funds necessary to build from scratch. Often times, their only option is to rent space or purchase prebuilt space. By providing this in New Brunswick, New Jersey for a lower cost than surrounding areas, many business professionals would decide it would be easier to call this place home. His plan worked, and professionals came in by the droves. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie wanted to go a step further. He also built residential real estate so that the professionals could live in New Brunswick rather than commute every day. This he achieved with a 17 story tower that spans 370 ft.² of living space.

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