Oncotarget is a medical journal that is published weekly online to break the barriers that exist in Oncology in the world. The peer-reviewed publication provides information about research on Oncology. However, all issues may be printed on special demand. Oncotarget is a powerhouse of all cancers as it covers practically all aspects of the disease. Some of the issues it covers include; the open-access international journal delves deeply into the causes of all types of cancers.The journal also includes the current and advanced treatment options for the various types of cancers. It also talks about how the improvement of the management of oncology patients can be done according to their treatment protocols.

The medical journal also covers the effect of the programs that manage cancer and emerging protocols and therapeutic agents. It also looks into the patient’s point of view when it comes to satisfaction, their way of life, and perseverance. The journal also seeks to prove the evidence of both emerging and current therapies. It will also look into how they are utilized and accepted by the patients and the general medic population. Nonetheless, the weekly health publications’ main objective is to penetrate the Oncology scientific research frontier by availing and spreading all the current information rapidly. It also seeks to avail the latest discoveries on Oncology by dividing them equally, to ensure that the effect of Oncology research is felt equally and to allow different aspects of clinical and basic science to inter-relate and produce better results in treating Oncology patients.

Therefore, the online medical publication is a link for various professionals in the biomedical science field to interrelate and produce better results that will be beneficial to the patient.Oncotarget’s Editor in Chief is Dr, Faris Farassati. However, the magazine is led by renowned scientists, and it assists all researchers to contribute towards a disease-free world. The journal is indexed online, and it is a member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The journal also subscribes to the principles of this body. In addition to this, the journal also has a section that covers other medical fields which may be related to Oncology. This includes cell death and Circadian rhythm, pathology, microbiology, neuroscience, immunology, neurotarget and autophagy among others.

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